1. L

    Need Help with Clutch/Cable

    Hello I'm new to the forum so go easy on me. Just wanted some input from someone who knows more than me. Ok so here's a bit history on the car what I know so far. It a 92 fox body 5.0 originally an Automatic converted to a 5 speed. I believe it has a T5 in it now. The car ever since I bought...
  2. M

    Drivetrain Weird clutch disengagement issue

    So I just got the beast back on the road, I have a freshly rebuilt T5 installed, as well as an exedy stage 1 clutch and a FRPP new flywheel. I made sure every bolt was torqued and loctited, and spent a few tries getting the clutch cable adjusted juuuuuust right. I'm still being gentle with...
  3. N

    T56/Spec clutch help please!

    So I just picked up a 1993 LX last night, it has a T56 with a spec clutch that is not fully engaging. I didn't really "get on it" in the test drive as it was a low mile super clean car. Pedal is all the way out and the fork looks like it has no more room to move. Clutch doesn't fully engage and...
  4. K

    Clutch Squeal when clutch pushed in

    I have a 2003 Mustang 3.8L V6 that does a really loud squeal when the clutch is pushed in, however when the clutch is all the way out it doesn't make any noise. As well it only happens when I'm in lower gears like 1 or 2 and it never happens when I'm in the higher gears. The car only has 69k...
  5. T

    Very bad vibration from clutch pedal after hitting a bump

    I was going 10-15 mph down an alleyway when I hit a bump I did not see. There was a very solid sounding hit and slight scrape. The next day I was driving and my clutch pedal started to vibrate rapidly in neutral and every gear, getting worse the higher the rpm’s are. I checked underneath the car...
  6. M

    For Sale New Ram Clutch Kit

    This RAM clutch kit was purchased from "Mustangs Unlimited" and mounted to a flywheel but never run. It's brand new. It is for a 1986 to 2001 4.6/5.0 L Mustang with a TKO tranny and 10-1/2" clutch. Mustangs Unlimited is currently selling this kit on sale for $210. Their normal price is $245...
  7. robthechemist

    Any benefit to upgrading the top loader bell housing to a T5 bell when doing a T5 conversion?

    Hello all. I have a 1966 with a 302, 4 speed manual. I am doing the T5 swap soon and am debating on using an adapter plate to connect the T5 to the original bell housing, or "upgrading" to the T5 bell housing. Is there any functional benefit to doing this or any negative to not doing it? I plan...
  8. T

    Clutch going bad or something else? Please help

    2009 base model. V6 manual trans. So, I started noticing some grinding of gears (all gears. Shifting up) when I shift. If I shift slowly, there is no grind. It just takes a brief pause after I shift out of a gear before I shift into the next gear, and then there is no grind. So, I came to my...
  9. S

    Drivetrain Clutch Disengagement Issue

    So to get this started I have a 2000 Mustang V6 That since I bought it has always had the clutch never fully disengage. When I bought it it was stock with a worn out plastic quadrant and a stock cable. The bolt on the left side of the clutch was loose so the first thing I did was push my clutch...
  10. D

    Drivetrain Shifting issues

    So I’m rounding 3rd on my 10 year overhaul and rebuild of my 1997 4.6 Mustang GT and having shifting issues. Everything in front of the firewall is brand new. The transmission is the original but worked great before pulling it. It sat for 10 years without fluid, but the openings were...
  11. T

    2014 GT- Won't go into gear while running (MT-82)

    Last night I was out in my car cruising down the highway when I went to change gears, and it locked me out. It seemed strange so I released the clutch pedal and repressed it to try again and nothing... So I coasted to the side to further investigate. With the car running, it will not go into any...
  12. J

    My new 2001 Cobra is here

    Hello every one. Just bought a 2001 Cobra. Car needs a clutch. I already bought an Excedy Stage 2 and an SLP loudmouth 2 exhaust. While I have the transmission out what else should I do to the car at the same time? Any suggestions? Tranny mounts? Etc.... Figure while I’m dropping the cats and...
  13. T

    2001 Cobra, I need some help

    I recently bought a 2001 Cobra and I noticed when the car is fully stopped and you try to shift into 1st gear, it grinds occasionally, even with the clutch pressed all the way in. Any ideas on what it might be and what I can do?
  14. Whitcraft

    Drivetrain 2002 trans noise when clutch is released.

    My 2002 mustang is making a whining noise when the cluch is engaged. I just got the car and noticed the speed sensor is not the same one that came with the 2002 so I believe I have an earlier models transmission like a 98. I dont know how to tell for sure. I took a video of the noise hoping...
  15. S

    Unknown sound from clutch!

    So I bought my 2011 mustang gt manual not to long ago it had all factory clutch assembly and in gear 1 and 2 sometimes when I press the clutch pedal in their is a pop noise and it can be felt through the car. I have replaced the transmission and entire clutch assembly and I’m still getting this...
  16. M

    SN95 Rusted clutch cable = clutch squeak when pedal up?

    I had my clutch done a while back. It was sounding horrible, screaming on pedal down. Definitely much better since but now there's a chirp only when the pedal's up. I took a look underneath and the clutch cable is bursting with rust. Any chance this can be the cause? I'm hoping I can...
  17. R

    Please help 2004 v6 clutch problems

    Hey what's going on? I'm new to this forum and I'm a new Mustang owner. I recently bought a 2004 v6 with the intention of doing some upgrades and stuff. My question is I'm aware the car uses a clutch cable but the clutch, at least when compared to other vehicles I've driven, feels kind of soft...
  18. S

    Stiff Clutch Help

    Hello I recently put a new clutch kit, (clutch, bearings, and pressure plate) and flywheel, I also put in a new clutch form because it was broken in my 98gt and beforehand the clutch was SUPER stiff. After I swapped all of that it was like butter and over time it became super stiff again. Any tips??
  19. Gallyho


    Hi I have a stock 1997 Cobra and the clutch is going. Ford does not carry a replacement. I want to remain stock. Anyone have a suggestion on which clutch is closest to the stock one?
  20. V

    Drivetrain 1989 T5 Keeps Breaking Throwout Bearings

    Last winter I rebuilt my t5. In addition to the transmission i replaced the clutch with a luk and had the flywheel resurfaced. I also replaced the bearing retainer with a steel one and did the input shaft. Before the rebuild the clutch was fine, if a little stiff. However since the rebuild i...