1. S

    Unknown sound from clutch!

    So I bought my 2011 mustang gt manual not to long ago it had all factory clutch assembly and in gear 1 and 2 sometimes when I press the clutch pedal in their is a pop noise and it can be felt through the car. I have replaced the transmission and entire clutch assembly and I’m still getting this...
  2. M

    SN95 Rusted clutch cable = clutch squeak when pedal up?

    I had my clutch done a while back. It was sounding horrible, screaming on pedal down. Definitely much better since but now there's a chirp only when the pedal's up. I took a look underneath and the clutch cable is bursting with rust. Any chance this can be the cause? I'm hoping I can...
  3. R

    Please help 2004 v6 clutch problems

    Hey what's going on? I'm new to this forum and I'm a new Mustang owner. I recently bought a 2004 v6 with the intention of doing some upgrades and stuff. My question is I'm aware the car uses a clutch cable but the clutch, at least when compared to other vehicles I've driven, feels kind of soft...
  4. S

    Stiff Clutch Help

    Hello I recently put a new clutch kit, (clutch, bearings, and pressure plate) and flywheel, I also put in a new clutch form because it was broken in my 98gt and beforehand the clutch was SUPER stiff. After I swapped all of that it was like butter and over time it became super stiff again. Any tips??
  5. Gallyho


    Hi I have a stock 1997 Cobra and the clutch is going. Ford does not carry a replacement. I want to remain stock. Anyone have a suggestion on which clutch is closest to the stock one?
  6. V

    Drivetrain 1989 T5 Keeps Breaking Throwout Bearings

    Last winter I rebuilt my t5. In addition to the transmission i replaced the clutch with a luk and had the flywheel resurfaced. I also replaced the bearing retainer with a steel one and did the input shaft. Before the rebuild the clutch was fine, if a little stiff. However since the rebuild i...
  7. C

    New Gt Owner! Bad Noise Coming From Drivetrain Behind Engine.

    Okay everyone I have a 1994 GT 5 speed. About a month after I got it a noise formed that I could manipulate if I actuated my clutch. With my clutch Pedal at the floor no noise but when the pedal was up and my clitch was engaged there was a squeak. It got worse, people told me different things...
  8. Jason 302

    SOLD 03/04 Cobra T56 Tranny, Clutch, Flywheel, Bellhousing, Driveshaft, Etc

    I originally bought this to put into my fox but my plans have changed. T56 with upgraded with a 26spline input shaft and a B&M shifter. Centerforce 26spline clutch included, looks to be in excellent shape, also come with a steel 8 bolt flywheel that may need resurfaced. Original aluminum 03...
  9. CMD2561

    Pressure Plate Fingers Crunching Sound!

    Hello everyone! Just joined and I have a crazy question! I have a 95 GT. I recently had a new clutch plate, pressure plate, fly wheel, and clutch cable installed. When the car is cold and I press in the clutch and then release everything is fine. However as soon as the car gets hot and I...
  10. J

    Clutch/transmission Problems

    Hello, so i know this subject has been mentioned before, but i was going 1st to 2nd gear fast in my 2000 mustang gt (t45) and when i hit 2nd it was almost like i lost the gear completely and at first i could use 3rd 4th and 5th then at a stop light i tried to use 2nd again and it locked me into...
  11. Eman1019

    Clutch Pedal Problems

    Bought a '91 with King Cobra clutch that was like moving a mountain to shift gears, just had it replaced with a stock clutch and it's like a different car, much easier to push and release. Still breaking in, so haven't tested the response at high RPMs, but much more pleasurable to drive around...
  12. D

    T5 Conversion Clutch Pedal Travel

    Just did a c4 to t5 conversion in my 66 fastback. My machanic has worked out all issues except one...... He said the added clutch pedal doesn't have enough travel to disengage the clutch completed. If I were to dive it in the normal clutch position it will destroy the throw out bearing In a...
  13. Sean_S197

    Clutch/flywheel Compatibility Question

    Hey folks, I have a 2008 Mustang GT with a 4.6l 3v with a 6-bolt crank (Romeo-built engine) I recently bought a McLeod Chromoly steel racing flywheel and wanted to know if there were any compatibility issues if I bought an Exedy clutch to pair with it. Does anybody have experience on using...
  14. O

    Drivetrain 1999 Gt Clutch Release Moving Back To The Top After Just Recently Adjusting.

    Just recently bought my GT and the clutch has been my biggest complaint so far. It released near the top when I bought it, so me and my dad adjusted it to release towards the middle. It held there for about two weeks or so but seems to be releasing back at the very top again. The clutch doesn't...
  15. C

    Gt Engine Rattle

    Hello, my name is caden, my account is new, but i have been surfing these forums for help with a constant, but unprogressive problem i have had with my 2005 mustang GT with just over 90k miles. The issue is a rattle coming from the front passenger side of the engine. I am absolutely certain it...
  16. B

    Drivetrain Mustang T5 Overdrive Transmission Bolt Pattern

    I have an 01 3.8l V6 with a T5OD transmission and I am currently replacing the clutch. Does this have the same bolt pattern to the bellhousing as the standard T5 trans does? Can someone post a picture or link to a good view of the bolt pattern? Being able to see where these invisible bolts are...
  17. J

    93 5.0 Fox , Miss Shift , Clutch Wont Engage. Help?

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the Forum and looking for some friendly help. I Just got my Foxbody last year and has been in storage up until a couple weeks ago i got it on the road. Today i was driving and miss shifted into first while coming up too fast at a stop sign. (please keep in mind this is...
  18. 1

    Help! Clutch Pedal Won't Go To Floor

    New to the forums so thanks for everything! I have a 89' 5.0 with a T-5 that's been freshly rebuilt by a reputable guy and a new McLeod street series clutch and a FoMoCo TOB, all have less than 5k on them. I was on my way to work this morning and noticed the clutch pedal will not go all the way...
  19. M

    New Owner Many Issues. Help!!!!

    Hello so I have a 2001 mustang GT 4.6 most stock from what I know. Flow master exhaust new alternator and battery recently changed. Just did coolant flush earlier today. I bought this car from craigslist from a so called mechanic. The first day I had the at the car ended up dying that night...
  20. A

    Exhaust Hello Everyone, I Need Help With My Clutch Replacement.

    Hello i have a 1999 mustang gt i just got, it has BBK long tube headers, i got the bold taken out from transmission now when i came to the point of dropping the transmission the passenger side of headers is stopping me from complete taking it out what can i do i need help should i unloose the...