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  2. M

    Not sure where to ask -HELP - Electrical Issues with 2005 mustang, was headlights and now wipers also random radio coming on without keys

    We got it for my daughter in Feb and instantly spent $1500 on fixing wiring. The headlights do not work on high if they are turned on. Low beams work but when you click to turn high they go off completely. After $1500 that still doesn't work correctly but enough to get by.... The wipers went...
  3. Habu135

    What's it Worth? LX Rear Quarter Glass

    What is a set of LX hatchback rear quarter glass worth that is in good (little to no deteriation) condition? What is a 9AL computer worth?
  4. Barron91lx

    Fox Computer Swap with Transmission

    Is it necessary to swap out computers when converting to a manual transmission? I recently realized my car was originally an automatic. Thanks
  5. DeathMetallic

    Electrical Disable Seatbelt Chime On 2016 Mustang

    Hello all, Does anyone know how to disable the seatbelt chime on the 2016 Mustang? I always wear my seatbelt, but it is rather annoying in some instances. I had tried a method for the 2015 Mustang I saw on YouTube, but im not sure if it applies to the 2016. 1 - turn car on, do not start engine...
  6. Nicklog

    Problems Dumping Codes

    Hello, I'm recently bought a 1995 mustang gt automatic 5.0. It randomly threw a check engine light while on the highway but drove fine up until I parked it for two weeks. After sitting I tried to start it and it took a long time to start and it won't stay running. If you rapidly hit the gas it...