1. N

    Electrical Tc Button

    okay I know there's a lot of posts about this certain topic, but I need a specific answer. Aright, so I bought a new TC button and the "off" light will not turn on. The "trac count" still glows though. Fuses are totally good. The bulb should be fine on it because it worked when I bought it. Is...
  2. GoldenEagle91

    SOLD Msd 6 Btm Ignition Control Module

    Price:200 City:Hartland State:WI Description: Used Ignition Control Module Model Year: 79-2004 Up for sale is a MSD 6 Series (6462) BTM Ignition Control Module with an Auto Meter Sport Comp Boost Gauge (3304). Included with the ignition module is the boost retard knob and a single pillar mount...
  3. Mustang Rear Control Arms Installation (79-04 SVE)

    Mustang Rear Control Arms Installation (79-04 SVE)

    See the SVE rear control arms here: Installation of the tubular SVE rear control arms for 79-04 Mustangs will greatly reduce wheel hop. They are also a great replacement for high mileage worn out factory control arms...