coolant temp

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    Missing coolant sensor 4.6 2v

    Just wanted some info I had a 2010 Grand Marquis motor put in my 01 GT and it is missing the etc sensor on the aluminum crossover. What is the best way to get a hole drilled for the sensor? Will the manifold have to be removed? Just want to know my best option as I don't have any drilling...
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    Coolant Temp Sensor

    Is there anything I should do when I replace this sensor ? For example like drain out the coolant ? I really don’t want to do that. But anyways spill yall guys knowledge!! Thanks, I’m new to this forum so idk if I posted in the right section sorry
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    Fox Coolant Temp And Electric Fan Issues

    So I have an 86 with a 91 motor, the gauges didn't work when I got it so I replaced the cluster and fuses, now the gauges work (dash lights still not working) but the fan doesn't kick on and the coolant temp gauge pins to hot as soon as I turn the key, it's not the sensor because I've unplugged...