1. J

    Engine Flat Plane Crankshaft Coyote

    I have been doing a lot of research and i would like to build a flat plane crank coyote. I have a 2011 coyote block and roadrunner (boss) heads. I can put in the voodoo crank and can I use manley modular rods, or do i need to use voodoo rods bored to fit the coyote piston pin? the next obstacle...
  2. Want to see a Porsche lose badly?

    Want to see a Porsche lose badly?

    That Coyote-powered Mustang GT don't mess around, kid. Can you even see those tail lights from way back there?
  3. Abe.Early

    New 93 Cobra owner

    Just picked up this 93 Cobra with a '13 BOSS 302 coyote swapped in. I currently own a '00 ranger that I swapped a HO 302 from a 01 explorer with a t5, and a 01 explorer.
  4. D

    Loaded Coyote Swap Tuning Question

    I just picked up a 1993 LX Coupe with a Gen 1 Sealed Coyote Swap. (NMRA style). The previous owner left what I assume is the stock manual control pack tune on, as he said he never had an X4 or NGauge. The car has Kooks 1 3/4 headers, JLT cold air, the SVE Coyote Swap fuel kit (Aeromotive 340lph...
  5. 5

    2014 GT acceleration issues

    Recently I have noticed that my 2014 GT premium is having some acceleration issues. When driving normally around town there is nothing wrong but when I try to floor it when driving on open roads or getting on the highway, the RPMs jump way up (to about 6-7k) but the car doesn’t speed up. It...
  6. S

    Possible Intake Manifold Gasket Leak? 2013 Coyote

    was doing some detailing on my engine bay when I noticed a possible leak coming from under my boss 302 manifold. Had a couple of my buddies look at it and told me not to worry about it..... Thought I’d get more opinions. The spot is dry. Not a very big spot but nonetheless... I can’t explain...
  7. Street Renegade

    Video Of My New Exhaust

    Cold start, regular driving, aggressive driving, WOT, etc... Let me know what you guys think! View:
  8. Jason 302

    SOLD 03/04 Cobra T56 Tranny, Clutch, Flywheel, Bellhousing, Driveshaft, Etc

    I originally bought this to put into my fox but my plans have changed. T56 with upgraded with a 26spline input shaft and a B&M shifter. Centerforce 26spline clutch included, looks to be in excellent shape, also come with a steel 8 bolt flywheel that may need resurfaced. Original aluminum 03...
  9. MealeyGT12

    Engine Dreaded Coyote Tick Fixed!!!

    Hey everyone, So as you can probably guess from my title I had one of the dreaded coyote ticks in my '12 GT . I had opened up my driver's side valve cover half a dozen times and even replaced some of the lifters but to no avail. Before we begin on the repair that eventually fixed it let me...
  10. D

    Can I Use S550 Exhaust Cams In 11-14?

    Hi all, I've got a new crate engine in my 2011 Coyote. It's got the 2015 cams/Phasers/chains etc. I've been told I need to change back to 11-14 VCT for the engine to run properly. I keep getting bank 1 and 2 intake cams over retarded codes. I've heard that the S550 exhaust cams can be used...
  11. Street Renegade

    Some Questions About Tuning

    My 2016 mustang gt is stock besides a borla catback. I'm interested in doing sticky tires, wheel hop kit, PMAS intake, and a tune.. Anyone know how do I get a tune in central ohio or anywhere for that matter? What kind of tune should I get (BAMA, Lund, street tune, dyno, something else, I...
  12. Street Renegade

    Video Of My New Borla Exhaust

    Just recently installed the S-Type Catback on my '16 GT... I love it! View:
  13. Street Renegade


    What's up y'all, this is my first time on this forum I just bought a new Mustang GT last year, it's by far the nicest and fastest car I've ever owned I've owned 3 other Mustangs in the past; a stock (and junky) '89 GT, a modded '91 GT, and a '98 Cobra with just intake and exhaust I made a...
  14. D

    Sct X4 Question And Crank Relearn Advice Wanted

    Hi guys, I've just installed a 2014 engine into my 2011 GT and I think my ECU has a tune on it, only worked it out when it would only run with a big JLT intake and wont run with a stock one. I want to retune the ECU to a tune that I know and trust. Now with that, can I just flash the ECU...
  15. D

    How Can I Return My Ecu To Stock? Help!

    Hi guys, I am in the UK and have a 2011 Mustang GT. I've just installed a late 2014 crate engine (guessing late 14 by the different dipstick) into it as the last one died. However, we cant get the crank sensors to relearn and we've tried everything, revving it higher, taking it for a drive...
  16. N

    Need Opinions On Borla Atak Axlebacks

    I have a 2012 gt with cat delete on stock h pipe and resonators still in place. If I were to get Borla ATAK axlebacks, would the volume be way too loud for a daily? Would I experience any drone? I currently have stock mufflers and the sound isn't obnoxious to me. I have to think about...
  17. M

    Expired 2014 F150 Coyote Engine

    I bought this engine from a friend who totaled their 2014 F150 with 15,000 miles. Truck was rear ended. Was going to use for my 1967 mustang coupe. I am realizing how expensive the swap is going to be so thinking about selling. Motor is almost brand new and has everything except throttle body...
  18. B

    Coyote Exhaust Set Up

    I just got a 2011 gt a few days ago and am trying to decide which h pipe and axelbacks to get. I am looking for that classic deep muscle car rumble. What is every one using? So far im thinking o/r h pipe with gt500, outlaws, slp loudmouths, jbas, or pypes pype bombs.
  19. 67ultrasonic

    SOLD 2012 Mustang Gt Coyote Engine Mt82 Trans Package

    I have for sale the engine, harness, computer, accessories, pedals (all to include the required gas pedal, mt82 getrag 6 speed transmission with shifter and harness extension, engine top dress kit with coil covers out of a 2012 mustang Gt with right at 20k on it, can't compare to the crate...
  20. jhuttar

    Expired 2015-16 Mustang Gt F1c Procharger And Kooks Full Exhaust 1000+whp!!!

    I am selling a complete never installed brand new super charger for a 2015-16 mustang 5.0. This supercharger kit will produce 600-1000+whp depending on the pulley size used. This is a complete kit with Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors, PowerMAX v2 FuelMAX - Fuel Pump Voltage Booster, Brisk...