1. N

    Need Opinions On Borla Atak Axlebacks

    I have a 2012 gt with cat delete on stock h pipe and resonators still in place. If I were to get Borla ATAK axlebacks, would the volume be way too loud for a daily? Would I experience any drone? I currently have stock mufflers and the sound isn't obnoxious to me. I have to think about...
  2. M

    Expired 2014 F150 Coyote Engine

    I bought this engine from a friend who totaled their 2014 F150 with 15,000 miles. Truck was rear ended. Was going to use for my 1967 mustang coupe. I am realizing how expensive the swap is going to be so thinking about selling. Motor is almost brand new and has everything except throttle body...
  3. B

    Coyote Exhaust Set Up

    I just got a 2011 gt a few days ago and am trying to decide which h pipe and axelbacks to get. I am looking for that classic deep muscle car rumble. What is every one using? So far im thinking o/r h pipe with gt500, outlaws, slp loudmouths, jbas, or pypes pype bombs.
  4. 67ultrasonic

    SOLD 2012 Mustang Gt Coyote Engine Mt82 Trans Package

    I have for sale the engine, harness, computer, accessories, pedals (all to include the required gas pedal, mt82 getrag 6 speed transmission with shifter and harness extension, engine top dress kit with coil covers out of a 2012 mustang Gt with right at 20k on it, can't compare to the crate...
  5. jhuttar

    Expired 2015-16 Mustang Gt F1c Procharger And Kooks Full Exhaust 1000+whp!!!

    I am selling a complete never installed brand new super charger for a 2015-16 mustang 5.0. This supercharger kit will produce 600-1000+whp depending on the pulley size used. This is a complete kit with Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors, PowerMAX v2 FuelMAX - Fuel Pump Voltage Booster, Brisk...
  6. Mustang GT Helen Hunt Falls

    Mustang GT Helen Hunt Falls

    Mustang GT 5.0 mountain run
  7. 2011 SEMA Show Cars Compilation

    2011 SEMA Show Cars Compilation 2011 SEMA Auto Show Compilation. This video is filled with everything you expect from a SEMA Show. From Mustangs, and Camaros, to Ferraris, and Mercedes. there are tons of custom fabricated and specialty performance vehicles. Tons of LSX swapped vehicles as well as...
  8. Built to Cruise Coyote Mustang 5.0 Swap

    Built to Cruise Coyote Mustang 5.0 Swap

    It's been hell week at the StangNet shop and MANY hours spent on this painstaking 2011 Fox 5.0 swap project...better known as Built to Cruise. So what do we have in store? How about the inaugural crank-start, woot!