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    2005 Mustang - Dealer says PCM Driver needs to be replaced!

    Hi everyone, I am currently having issues with my Mustang 2005 ENG:4.0_Liter, I hear a knocking noise under the hood every time I am at a stop light pressing the brake and yesterday it suddenly stalled and had to shift back to parking and turn it back on again, and not the first time that this...
  2. ximportdriver

    RANT!!! 2017 Due Bill Issues

    @FordCustSrvc Long story short, the dealership is unwilling to address these issues properly or at all: 2 paint chips, 1 surface scratch, and 1 gouge in the clear coat 1 hairline crack in the driver window dash rattles These issues are on a brand new 2017 Mustang GT Premium that currently...