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  1. JimmyJamTheHamSlam

    Part Suggestions 1996 / 1998 4.6L DOHC Mashup Engine Rebuild

    Good evening Friends wherever you are, In the process of doing my first rebuild of my 1996 4.6L DOHC for eventual drop back into my '96 street/strip Cobra. My north star/target is a 10.6, 1/4 mile: My recipe is 675HP/600LB/FT @ 3500LBS 4.10 gears, according to the calculator I'm looking at, it...
  2. Sheep Dowg

    Gt40p Blues Stuck In Da Stable.

    Greeting Stangnet, This is my first thread ever. I feel like I’m posting wrong because there is lots of GT40P info in here. So here goes. My Stalions a 68 Coup, 90EFI, newly machined GT40P Heads, T-5 tranny with newly installed clutch cable. I didn’t do my resurch well enough as I have newly...

    Electrical Converting 83 Fox To Efi With Complete 88 Motor.. Questions

    Hi there, new to the forum but not new to fox bodies. I do need some help though. I'm converting my 83 fox to EFI by installing a motor out of an 88. I have the complete motor, injector harness, PCM harness and O2 harness. The question that I have is there are a couple connectors on the engine...