engine mounts

  1. D

    New Guy. 1965 Work Horse Engine Mount Question

    Greetings. Just joined the website. My pony is 1965 2+2, 289 and was the first car in my stable 37 years ago. She is a daily driver (but pampered). I need replace the engine mounts (insulator assemblies) in a 1965 Mustang. To the best of my knowledge, these are the originals that were...
  2. Caydink1998

    2000 Mustang V6 Shaking

    i don't know much about cars this why I come here for help, well just this morning I woke up had to drive somewhere and I turned my car on and it was shaking not violently but very noticeable and I've read on here with people who had similar problems and I'm hearing tons of stuff, engine...