engine noise

  1. R

    Engine 1989 LX - Engine Trouble Noise & Rich - Help Appreciated

    Hi Everyone, Just recently purchased a 89 LX from a guy who did not know much about it and has sat for ~5 years. My Father and I drained old gas (orange color) and changed the fuel pump. It now has 35-40psi fuel pressure, will turn over, start but run poorly. We are having two main problems...
  2. Pruittracing

    Help 4.6 Engine Tick

    Hello I'm new here first post now about my problem I have a 2000 mustang gt with the 4.6 it has 144.000 I'm having a tick coming from the engine it's a constant tick that gose with the rpms it dose it anytime the engine is on need help don't know if this helps but it dose burn a little oil and...
  3. M

    Odd Rattle Noise Under Load

    So here's the deal I have a 96 gt with 87k, and I have this very bizarre rattling like noise that only shows up when the engine is warm and at 1900 up to about 3k (it may continue after this but its hard to tell as the car gets too loud to completely verify). It happens best with a load on the...
  4. M

    Engine Shattering Noise From Engine At 4000rpm

    Shattering noise coming from the engine not sure if its rod knock or the bearings. It happens when I press on the accelerator, the higher the rpm goes the louder the shattering sound gets.