engine rebuild

  1. K

    rebuild kit suggestions/help??

    ok SO I have a 91 fox gt and I'm needing to rebuild the engine. I'm curious as to if I need to buy a specific rebuild kit (I may need pistons and the whole shebang) for my year, or if I can use a more popular engine year like 1989. I've looked on summit and CJ pony parts and it seems that...
  2. W

    Engine 89- rebuilt motor and its a slug

    So i took 5.0, changed out all the pistons rings, cam bearings, crankshaft bearings, installed a double roller timing chain, installed an anderson n41 cam, ford racing roller rockers, and trick flow valve springs, with gt40p heads and a gt40 intake..... what the hell did i do wrong? I Reused the...
  3. Chris Lennon

    96 Explorer Block Swap

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a 96 explorer engine with gt40 heads and intake. I understand it's the swap block at the current engine in my car (94 gt). My plan is to duly rebuild it and swap it into my stang as she's approaching her last leg. Can anyone give me information on what all is...