1. C

    Looking For Experienced Opinions

    Hi guys, I'm new here and looking for general opinions based on experience and testing from yall. I have a 2014 Mustang GT 5.0 with the track package and want to put a little money into her to get some more out of her. My "wants" are... 1)Full exhaust 2)Tuner with possible dyno runs for more...
  2. S

    66 Mustang Exhaust

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if I can get some input on exhaust options. I have a '66 with a built 302 (Anderson N-61 cam, Holley carbeurated, edelbrock victor jr heads, etc.). I have hooker comp long tubes already on the block. I'm deciding what is the best exhaust for me. I'm not a modest...
  3. Little Red Fox

    Black Widow Exhaust?

    Hey does anyone run the "Black widow" muffler? If so what series and do you like it? There isnt much information about it. I researched just about all i could and ended up buying the Widowmakers. I havnt installed them yet.
  4. Shelden

    Cracked Exhaust Manifold

    Going to be removing my passenger side exhaust manifold due to it being cracked completely in half right above where the flange connection is, managed to remove the 6 nuts fastening the manifold to the block , and the top egr bolt, but I can't seem to reach the lower egr bolt or the two bolts...
  5. Nick Bos

    1970 Mustang Coupe Headers Question And Help

    Hello all, I have a 1970 ford mustang base with a stock 302. I'm thinking about getting some hooker headers (part # 6901HKR) or some shorty hedman headers (part #88400). I'm not sure if I should get the shorty headers or the long tube headers. Both say they are for the 1970 mustang 302 and are...
  6. shadetreemech031

    01 Cobra Exhaust On 01 V6

    Greetings all, I have an h-pipe with cats and tail pipes from an 01 cobra, all stock. What will I need to do to install it on my stock 01 v6? Not really looking for more power, just improved sound and look. I'm sure there is already a post, just can't seem to find it. Thanks!
  7. S

    Expired 2.5 Inch Stainless X Pipe

    I have an x pipe for sale that came off of a 2005 Mustang gt. It's a stainless high flow pipe, 2.5 inches in good condition. It has the header flanges and welded on hangers. It came off of a friends car so I'm not sure how many miles it has on it but is aftermarket and he took it off the car...
  8. Christian68

    SOLD Jba 1653sh 351w H Pipe

    Crossover Pipe, H-Pipe, Stainless Steel, 2.5 in., Ford 351w Had a customer cancel, Brand New. need to move out. $139.95 E- Performance Retailers Selling for $205.00 https://www.summitracing.com/parts/jba-1653sh
  9. A

    Exhaust 2002 Mustang Gt Stock Exhaust Pipe Size

    hello i have a stock 2002 mustang gt with low miles and i've been thinking about new mufflers. I dont know if the pipes are 2.25 or 2.5. Thank you for your help
  10. N

    Need Opinions On Borla Atak Axlebacks

    I have a 2012 gt with cat delete on stock h pipe and resonators still in place. If I were to get Borla ATAK axlebacks, would the volume be way too loud for a daily? Would I experience any drone? I currently have stock mufflers and the sound isn't obnoxious to me. I have to think about...
  11. D

    2016 V6 Exhaust Ideas

    Staring to look around at new exhausts for my pony, anyone have any recommendations for something that will be a bit louder but not break the bank? Thanks in advanced!
  12. O

    02 Mustang Gt Exhaust Flange Issue.

    I have recently purchased a cat back SLP Loudmouth exhaust for my 02 Mustang GT and went to put it on earlier today but only to get stumped. My buddy and I jacked up the car and tried to disconnect the old exhaust from the H-pipe but the 4 bolts on the two flanges were rusted shut. We sprayed...
  13. 201AlphaMale

    New To The Thread

    need some advice currently driving a 1994 Gt 5.0 current mods are cai, bbk shorty headers, flowmaster 40s with custom muffler delete, off road y pipes and 89 octane tune.... She's automatic sitting on 18x9 18x10.5 AMR's I'm looking to increase horsepower and add more of an aggressive sound I...
  14. S

    SN95 Exhaust (mild Mods) Questions And Opinions

    I recently bought a 1995 5.0 5 speed stang. I will be swapping the h/c/I and a few other bolt ons. I bought bbk shortys and have an x pipe. I bought exhaust cutouts but accidentally got 3 inch instead of 2.5. Would 3 inch sound good? Or would I lose performance with that big of piping? Also what...
  15. 9

    Aunt Passed And Left Me Her Mustang... What To Do

    I am now the owner of a 95' 5.0 Convertible Mustang. It was my Aunts car, she loved it and she left it too me. I have some cash at my disposal, about $10,000, and I want to make this car really fly in her memory becaise she would love that. So I guess the question is, if you had a 95' 5.0...
  16. B

    Coyote Exhaust Set Up

    I just got a 2011 gt a few days ago and am trying to decide which h pipe and axelbacks to get. I am looking for that classic deep muscle car rumble. What is every one using? So far im thinking o/r h pipe with gt500, outlaws, slp loudmouths, jbas, or pypes pype bombs.
  17. J

    Exhaust Best Muffler For 2005 V6?

    I recently purchased my first mustang which is a 2005 v6. I was wondering what would be my best option for a deeper/grumbling sound. I know it's only a 4.0 so I'm not expecting much but I want something more than the stock exhaust. Anything is appreciated!
  18. H

    Exhaust Combo Help

    I currently own an 03 GT with Slp loudmouth 2 cat backs. Any idea to what the best midpipe and header combo would be to get a great sound with these cat backs? Im looking for a loud and raspy sound with some tone. Thanks
  19. mc66

    Plugs For (thermactor) Exhaust On A 66 V8

    Need to replace the (Thermactor) exhaust plugs on my 66 V8 with something like C6AZ-6052-A. Is there an alternative, like a regular 1/2-20 bolt? I assume a grade 5 or 8 steel bolt should work, about 2" long, but don't know for sure, is it exactly 1/2-20 thread? Any suggestions are much...
  20. R

    Need Expert Advice On Egr Problem

    I had a VORTEC Super Charger installed. Ever since then the EGR Drive Cycle test wont complete. The performance shop that installed the Super Charger and associated custom tune originally said that EGR was turned off in the tune. So they gave me a new tune revision. Well even with the new tune...