forged internals

  1. HeatShield

    Engine 347 Supercharge Planning

    Hey Guys, So I have a forged 347 currently running N/A with a 9.5-1 Compression ratio, E303 Cam, 30 lb/hr injectors, and a 190 L/hr fuel pump in my 89 Lx. I was told the motor was built for boost (hence the low compression ratio and cam). I am told it had a supercharger but the prev owner...
  2. JimmyJamTheHamSlam

    Part Suggestions 1996 / 1998 4.6L DOHC Mashup Engine Rebuild

    Good evening Friends wherever you are, In the process of doing my first rebuild of my 1996 4.6L DOHC for eventual drop back into my '96 street/strip Cobra. My north star/target is a 10.6, 1/4 mile: My recipe is 675HP/600LB/FT @ 3500LBS 4.10 gears, according to the calculator I'm looking at, it...
  3. Cammandobrando

    97 cobra magnaflow street series

    Hey guys looking into exhaust for my 97 cobra , has long tube headers and no cats, wondering if anyone on here has a similar set up and can tell me how it sounds , before i spend the money on a stainless exhaust i am not happy with , any help would be great !
  4. T

    Help with 2v turbo build

    Hello so I posted a while back and I decided to turbo my 4.6 2v with supporting mods and pushed around 420 Whp and now the motor is fried :( so I just bought another 2v motor with 84k miles I have sold some of the supporting mods like Bbk air intake, throttle body Etc. this build I want to...
  5. 8

    Engine 302 block with a 355 stroker, would these internals work in a 351w

    Over the winter i am going to swap a 351W into my fox, currently i have a 302 motor stroked out to 355 (probe stroker kit) I am just curious if any of my current forged internals will work with a 351W. Here is my motor build list. Thanks for the help! Build list: Edlebrock e street heads 170...
  6. R

    Expired 1990 White Foxbody With 331 Stroker, T56, And Much Much More

    Hello, my name is Ramsey Draskovich. I only joined this forum to sell this car; I'm about an hour out from Las Vegas but I will be willing to meet anyone in Vegas. Here's a list of the many parts my car has: 331 Stroker Compression 10..2..1 Forged Eagle Internals Trickflow forged Flat Top...