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  2. opihinalu

    Exhaust Are these headers usable?

    Bought a set of headers used from some guy. There seems to be a little damage around the collectors. Will this damage affect the seal? Sorry if the pictures are bad.
  3. opihinalu

    Interior and Upholstery No air coming out of vents.

    Today I installed a new AC compressor clutch because my AC doesn't work. The clutch now engages which I am happy about, but there is no air coming out of the vents, even though I can hear it blowing while sitting inside the car. Any thoughts?
  4. L

    Engine Need help 90 mustang carbed 5.0

    I bought the car about 2 months ago maybe longer anyway factory 2.3 5 spd 90 mustang hatchback swapped to a 5.0 from a 84 truck carbed true dual exhaust no cats brand new holley street warrior carb electric choke anyways the problem runs fine until randomly under load motor starts bogging then...
  5. opihinalu

    Fox Mirror cover is stuck and wont come out?

    I am currently trying to get my passenger side mirror cover off but it is stuck. I took out the screw but the manual mirror adjuster on my 1986 GT is somehow stuck to the cover itself and I can't pull it out and through. I took off the rubber piece on the tip of the adjuster. It came off on my...
  6. H

    Fox Body Mustang 1988 5.0 AOD - Overdrive Cable

    Hello and good day everyone ! . . . I am extremely new to this place, making my account only this week and this is not for myself but for a Puerto Rican friend of mine, she owns and is the 3rd owner of a " Fox Body Mustang 1988 AOD Transmission " 'stang. I've googled and found a total of 4...
  7. 5

    Brake lights not working

    So it was brought to my attention that both brake lights aren't working. I unscrewed the taillight plugs from the tail lights and all the lights works, turn signals, reverse, warning & tail lights but the brake lights don't turn on. Both the small light and the bigger light that screw into the...
  8. L

    Engine Engine/transmission HIGH REV IN REVERSE

    My name is Longsideburns202, if you add gmail. com to the name thats my personal email, So my issue is i have a 92 LX 4 Cyl converted over to a 5 speed 5.0 EFI, now that i've done the conversion, i was excited to try it out, but now as soon as i put the tranny in reverse, it revs high, to...
  9. H

    1970 Seat Options

    Has anyone done a guide to what late model seats, with some modification, fit in the early Mustangs, i.e. 1970? I have heard fox body ones do with minor changes. I'm wondering if S197 ones would fit specifically. Any other modern seats such as from a Fusion?
  10. 5

    Rear end gear noise

    I have an 87 mustang. So little over a month ago I had a set of rear gears installed. When i got the car back the shop said there was a slight whistle when decelerating/coasting. Now I've had a couple people tell me that's normal. And when I first got the car back if i remember correctly the car...
  11. 5

    Rear Disc Conversion

    So I already did the 5 lug conversion on my 87 mustang, and I wanna convert the rear drums to disc brakes. Does anybody have any good recommendations on any good affordable kits to do it, or a parts list i should buy to get it done.
  12. M

    Fuel Fuel Gauge stuck on full no matter what

    I bought my 1987 5.0 convertible in March. Since the day I got it, it's been stuck on full even though I've been driving it a lot. What could the problem be?
  13. C

    For Sale Moser 8.8 Complete Rear End

    I have a brand new Moser 8.8 rear end for sale. Comes with...... 35 spline Axles Strange Spool big bearing ford flange bearing kit and had the entire housing powder coated semi-gloss black.\ Widened 2.5" over stock to 56" flange to flange. 3.55:1 gears. Currently unassembled, but I can...
  14. Habu135

    For Sale Ashtray Door Repair Kit

    I bought this ashtray door repair kit for my Mustang about a month ago and discovered after taking the console apart that the old spring had not broken but simply had worked it's way out of the hole. I'll sell this for $10 shipped, normally $17 on LMR.
  15. C

    For Sale 1988 Turbocharged 5.0, $6,400, Wichita Falls, TX area

    Solid car that needs someone who would like a Turbocharged 5.0. Would also be a great Christmas present for a father to give to his son as a bonding project car. The original Hurricane wheels with tires on them, two new tires that have never been mounted, some drag springs and other various...
  16. D

    Won’t crank single click

    All I’m getting is a single click when trying to start up my fox. I’ve checked the battery it’s good and I’ve replaced the ign switch as it was getting loose. This is my daily and it happened minutes after it was cranking perfectly fine. Below a video that shows me testing at the solenoid. Goes...
  17. Z

    New guy

    I’ve been doing a lot of research on first project cars and fox bodies have been talked about the most out of anything that appealed to me so I’ve decided i want to get one. I haven’t done a ton of work on cars other than basic oil changes, plugs and other basic maintenance. Am I in the right...
  18. Alldegree

    Fox Fox Body Frame Rust-- Scrap or Save?

    Hi all, Hopefully this is in the right section, I'm new around here. I recently bought a 1985 mustang gt on craigslist for 1000 dollars. There didn't appear to be any major rust-through when I looked at it, the interior was critter-free, and the engine ran after sitting for 15 years, so I...
  19. R

    Suspension 88 coupe rust issues

    What’s up, I’m new to stangnet and have a couple questions about an 88 fox body I am very interested in purchasing. The owner says that the strut towers need to be replaced, and there’s small rotting towards the driver side of the floor pan. My main concern is the tower rusting. Will this be a...
  20. C

    What's it Worth? should i buy this fox body and what should i ask

    wanting to buy this fox body. any helpful info on buying would be appreciated.