fox mustang

  1. Alldegree

    Electrical 86 door switch wiring?

    This is a branch from my main progress thread here. I decided to start a dedicated thread for this problem to try and reach some more people with it. I feel like I’m really close to getting this but I think I’m missing some key knowledge. I’m having a rough time getting a couple of switches...
  2. pavlos413

    Hello! 1991 Mustang GT vert

    Hello, I'm Paul. I bought my mustang three years ago, I always wanted one as a kind and finally got one. I love my 1991 summer edition Fox...keeping it mainly stock, but dressing up the engine bay to make it beautiful...I'll summarize the work done to it a little... painted the intake, valve...
  3. FastRiz

    Wot Ok, But Hesitation Popping At Cruise Speed

    Hi everyone, I have a problem in which I've searched the forums and can't find one like the problem I'm experiencing. I can't figure it out and need the Forum expertise! I have a 91 5.0 with this specific problem 100% of the time hot or cold engine. When cruising at normal speed, hesitation...