1. stangin47

    Fuel Pressure Help

    hello I'm trying to find out the problem with my fuel pressure. The pump is a few years old and I just installed a new adjustable regulator thinking that was the problem. After starting it I turned the regulator as far as it would go to increase pressure and on the gauge it is reading 30 psi...
  2. Tanton81

    Fueling Issues

    So I have 98 gt, have had for sometime now but just decided to pull out of the garage and start to play around with. When I bought it, it came wt a 83mm maf, 24lbs injectors, and I'm wanting to say its a 76mm throttle body and a cold air intake. All of it is BBK. Now I'm assuming it's a stock...

    Fuel 2001 Mustang - Check Gas Cap Light Problem

    (2001 GT AUTOMATIC) So a while back, when driving i noticed my "check gas cap" light came on the dash on the opposite side of where the check engine light is. Well i kinda figured it didnt mean anything as far as a damper to performance. I ignored it but later i decided to buy a new gas cap to...
  4. L

    Getting New Nitrous System Need Help With Fuel

    Hi Mark here. I am new to the site and this is my first post. I have owned nothing but Chevy muscle cars my whole life and have come over to the dark side by getting a 1989 notch back. I want to maybe start going to the track instead of just going to car shows all of the time. The car has been...
  5. How-To Fuel filler Hose

    How-To Fuel filler Hose

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