1. Goon Squad Racing

    Drivetrain 3.73 Or 4.10 In Slightly Built '01 Gt?

    I drive an '01 GT auto. Heads, cams, cai, intake/plenum, and nitrous. Currently have 3.73's, but I've been looking into getting 4.10's. I plan on going to the strip at some point, it'd be a fun time for my dad and I (I'm 16, we're both Mustang guys) and we'd settle our debate about our cars(he...
  2. T

    Expired 2001 Mustang Gt Stroker/blown

    2001 Mustang GT Silver - 76,000 miles on car but that is only pretty much on the body and transmission. Everything has been replaced on the car with performance parts. - New Motor, New Parts, Tuner, Supercharger, Suspension, AutoMeter Gauges, Lots of extras that bring out good performance...
  3. 2003 Ford Mustang GT

    2003 Ford Mustang GT

    This is my 2003 Mustang GT Convertible. It's a five speed and everything I want from a Mustang.