1. R

    2020 Shelby GT500

    Came across this review on the GT500. Check it out. These guys take it to the track and put it through its paces. View:
  2. Schnelly

    Would you buy a used GT500 Supercharger?

    There are a few on Facebook marketplace. New ones are in the 7 to 8K range. These are under a grand. Would you or would you not but a used Supercharger? - Yes, I am on a budget and I just want more HP - but not a serious build - second weekend car.
  3. E

    Gt500 bumper on v6 base(premium)

    Hi guys, so I have a 2013 v6 base premium mustang with it's fog lights, and I want to know if I get a bumper from these guys: If the link doens work here is the code for the bumper: (AR3Z-17D957-ADPTM) Will...
  4. L

    "eleanore" Shelby Mustang Gt500 1967

    So my girlfriend loves mustangs... like a lot and her favorite is Eleanore from gone in 60 seconds. I was thinking of asking her to marry me which is something I know she wants but I wanted the best way to do it. Does anybody know of anyone with a replica of "Eleanore" shelby mustang gt500 1967...
  5. JTB

    Gt500 Thrashes Road Course

    Had the car our after a some weight reduction and it's flyin'! :canada:
  6. M

    04 Cobra Or 08 Gt500

    What's up everyone! I have a big choice to make here in the next couple of days and wanted some thoughts & input on it. I have an opportunity to get a 2004 Mustang Cobra or a 2008 Shelby GT500. Dream car is the 04 Cobra but since the money is right I could get the 2008 GT500. Pros & cons for...
  7. andros spud

    Circuit Track Day 2014 Gt500 - Uk - Introduction

    Hi, just wanted to introduce myself...I'm a recent buyer of a 2014 GT500 here in the UK. I've upgraded the suspension using BMR kit, and replaced the Bilsteins with Koni Yellow's. First circuit track day yesterday...had a LOT of fun. Brakes next...very smelly after 5 laps, but generally the...
  8. Z

    5.4 4v Navigator Swap

    Hello I have a 2002 Mustang 3.8 I am really considering doing this navigator swap! I know I need besides the engine, the Harness, and the ECU. now i am considering for the internals to look at Modular Motorsports Racing! Also they have some 5.0 manifold adapter plates. When i do...
  9. LadyM

    Exhaust Opinions Please ....

    I know the saying ...... opinions are like @$$holes, everyone has one .... but I'm looking for them anyway. I have a 2007 Shelby GT500 with around 10K on her. I want it louder !!!!! I know a cammer will never give me the sound of a pushrod motor, but I want to be heard!! Upping horsepower...
  10. JTB

    New Guy With Shelby & Fox Vert

    Hello All: I heard this was the biggest STANG Site of the All, so thought I would join. I have two STANGS; a MODDED 08 GT500 I have owned since new and a 88 Fox VERT that is going into the Paint Booth any day now.
  11. 05-14 Mustang GT500 15" Brembo Brake Kit Install - Ford Racing M-2300-T

    05-14 Mustang GT500 15" Brembo Brake Kit Install - Ford Racing M-2300-T

    Click here to see more information about this 13-14 GT500 Brake Kit: 2005-14 FORD MUSTANG FORD RACING GT500 BREMBO BRAKE KIT Brand: Ford Racing Performance Parts (FRPP) Part #: M2300T (FRPP#...
  12. VMP Dual Fan Heat Exchanger (05-14 Mustang)

    VMP Dual Fan Heat Exchanger (05-14 Mustang)

    Check out our complete line of VMP Tuning Performance Parts here: The VMP Dual Fan Heat Exchangers provide you with the ULTIMATE cool mod for your supercharged Mustang. offers these triple pass heat...
  13. Burnout Contest (Full Length) 2012 @ Myrtle Beach Speedway

    Burnout Contest (Full Length) 2012 @ Myrtle Beach Speedway

    Mustang Week 2012 Burnout Contest at Myrtle Beach Speedway.
  14. Burnouts before burnout contest MW12.

    Burnouts before burnout contest MW12.

    Having a little fun before the burnout contest at Myrtle Beach Speedway! Burnout Contest link, [media]
  15. Camaro Nation Endures an emotional rollercoaster - ZL1 vs GT500

    Camaro Nation Endures an emotional rollercoaster - ZL1 vs GT500

    The Camaro faithful are informed of the amazing capabilities of the new ZL1 just in time to taken to extreme depression by the 2013 GT500. Elsewhere, Hitler digests the news in the Fuhrerbunker.
  16. Shelby Cobra vs Turbo Fox Mustang.mp4

    Shelby Cobra vs Turbo Fox Mustang.mp4

    New GT500 Shelby Cobra taking on a Turbo Fox Body Mustang. Filmed at Pueblo Motorsports Park in Pueblo, Colorado during Friday night drags.
  17. GT500 Drive

    GT500 Drive

    The StangNet GT500 on a highway cruise... images from photoshoot for Modified Mustang.