1. B

    Header Bolt Snapped off Please help

    Hi, I am new to the forum and I have checked as many posts as I can stand looking for something similar to help. I can not find anything that satisfies an answer to my problem so here we go. I bought a 2008 Mustang GT about a month ago... This was great but I have started to find several issues...
  2. F

    Inconsistent Car Tapping/Rattling After Header Install

    Hello, I'm working on a manual 2004 Mustang GT 5 speed that's been making an awful tapping/rattling noise. It is very loud(hard to have a conversation close to the car while running) and is inconsistent. It seems to speed up with the engine, but the sound is off beat from the rhythm of the...
  3. opihinalu

    Exhaust Are these headers usable?

    Bought a set of headers used from some guy. There seems to be a little damage around the collectors. Will this damage affect the seal? Sorry if the pictures are bad.
  4. red5.0fox

    Fox GT40P Heads Exhaust Setup

    Im sure this has already been answered, but it's hard to find a straightforward answer on the interwebs. I wanted GT40 heads, but junkyard had the P's for 70 bucks so here I am. I know about the sparkplug situation, and atleast I know I need 90* boots. Speaking of which can someone send a link...
  5. foxbodybill89

    WTB/Trade BBK 1811 O/R x-pipe

    For fox body BBK long tube headers with AOD trans, new or good used. Any leads also appreciated, thanks.
  6. TwinTurboV8

    200 ci Inline-6 with headers

    Quick question, I was thinking of adding headers to me and my dad’s ‘67 mustang. I’ve done a bunch of research on headers already, but I’m unsure if I need to change anything out before I add headers.
  7. C

    2013 Mustang GT Headers

    Have a 2013 Mustang GT looking to purchase headers this week. To my understanding Only certain headers will fit my X Pipe , I don’t know what brand the x pipe is and can’t figure it out are their any headers that are universal? Looking at BBK but if this is the case before I spend $5-600 on...
  8. R

    Would 05-10 kooks Headers fit a 2013 Mustang GT

    I am look at a full exhaust system for sale for super cheap but it’s for an 05-10 Gt and I am not sure if it will fit a 2013 GT
  9. Ian Ranchero

    Will these headers fit Gt40p heads

    I have a brand new set of headers and wondering if anyone has used these headers on GT40P heads? These are the headers: https://www.jegs.com/i/Speedmaster/746/PCE316.1044/10002/-1
  10. T

    GT40P Heads Exhaust

    Quick question because I couldn't find any straightforward answers. I just swapped my heads over to the GT40P's out of a 1997 Explorer. I kept the headers that I had on my Mustang and now, even after flipping my plug wires around, I'm still constantly melting wires 4, 7, and 8 because of the...
  11. 9

    Need Help on what I need - New to the game

    Hey people. I am new to the fox game and I am looking to put some money into my car. I am working with a bone stock 92 5.0 LX. this car runs strong and really does not have any issues. any help on what I should do first to the car would be great. I am looking to make a nice weekend driver and...
  12. J

    Fox 1992 GT - which exhaust setup?

    i want an exhaust setup with a deep and throaty rumble sound, similar to the slp loudmouth catback but something deeper and maybe not as loud. i was thinking flowmaster super 10's with an H pipe and some long tube headers. if anybody knows of any other options i could go for that are for a...
  13. M

    After header install Vibration in idle and gets worse when in gear help

    Hello everyone i've got a bit of a weird issue that I can't seem to figure out. I recently brought my car into a shop to get my shorty headers installed after my DIY failed attempt caused the EGR seal to break and that came with check engine lights and running lean codes and I just gave up...
  14. T

    408w swap: Trying to ID these headers

    Picked up a Stroker recently in a private sale. The seller couldn’t remember exactly but thought the headers may be hookers. I’ve searched everywhere and can’t confirm. Hoping someone here may know. They could be 5-8 yrs old based on some other parts receipts from the build. TIA
  15. T

    Stock Bolts on Shorty Headers

    Can I use stock bolts on new BBK shorty headers or do I need to order new bolts?
  16. J

    Exhaust Headers Recommendations

    Anyone have any experience with or recommendations for a set of headers for a '67 with a 289? I have factory air and power steering with and AOD swap. I'm looking for a pair of shorty ceramic headers that will fit with little to no modifications (except for maybe some work between the headers...
  17. R

    Engine Headers on or off when build in engine?

    Hi all! I am busy with replacing the rear main seal on our 1977 302. First I got the trans out (C4), but to do this I had to get the driverside header off, that worked. The passenger side header is loose and I only get it out if I lift the engine. The engine has to come out to do the rear main...
  18. Sheep Dowg

    Gt40p Blues Stuck In Da Stable.

    Greeting Stangnet, This is my first thread ever. I feel like I’m posting wrong because there is lots of GT40P info in here. So here goes. My Stalions a 68 Coup, 90EFI, newly machined GT40P Heads, T-5 tranny with newly installed clutch cable. I didn’t do my resurch well enough as I have newly...
  19. MoDriver

    SOLD Dr. Gas Exhaust X-pipe 3" X 3" Kit With Summit Header Collector

    Listed is a 3" x 3" Dr. Gas Exhaust Crossover kit with Summit header collector, I intended to use this on a 1966 Ford Mustang (with headers). This should work on most 64.5-73 V8 Mustangs. actually since it is a cut and weld to fit solution it should fit most applications using a 3" X-pipe or...
  20. S

    98 Mustang Gt

    Hey everyone got a pretty stock 98 gt and was wondering how much hp I could expect from bbk long tubes and a bbk off-road h pipe? Especially given that the stock midpipe has like 4 or 6 cats