high beams

  1. H

    How to flash high-beams for longer than a split second?

    Hey guys, So on my 2014 Mustang, my high beams only flash for split second when I pull the lever towards me, then they turn off even if the lever is being held in that position. This is however not the case while the headlights are turned on. Is there anyway to by-pass or re-wire the lights to...
  2. J

    2010 Gt Headlight Wiring

    I've looked everywhere and can't find the stupid diagram or info anywhere! I just want to know the 3 wire color code to my 2010 Mustang GT Premium's headlights. High/Low/Ground... Not sure which goes to what color... My wires are yellow with a purple stripe, black with a white stripe, and brown...
  3. DougieD1961

    High Beams Brighter When Pulled Than When Switched On

    I've noticed that my headlights are quite a bit brighter when I pull on the light lever to temporarily engage them than when I push the lever to switch the high beams on. Is there a way to modify the wiring so the lights are at the brightest on both situations? I drive in the country a lot, with...