holley systemax

  1. J

    Top end Kit....Anderson or TF?

    In the market for a new HCI setup for my 86' fox. Currently running cobra upper and lower with a b cam making 240 to the wheels. I've searched the forums for opinions on the Anderson 6200rpm NA top end kit but only found older ones. They now include a Holley Systemax II upper and lower which is...
  2. Xterminator03

    306 Turbo Or 357

    I am undecided. I currently have a 306 where I'm having some issues with. ( Oil and gas leaking from throttle body onto valve cover). So I will be pulling out the engine and rebuilding the motor. At that time I would like to go Turbo with an on3 performance kit 66mm. Or there is a new 351...
  3. 90sickfox

    Build Thread Dusty's....At It Again...

    Swapping a 1988 auto notch to an EFI, IRS, 331 stroker, 5 speed. Its not the first time I've done this but all advise will be considered. I'm a broke guy relying on junk yard parts (mostly) and experience.