intake manifold

  1. Z

    4.2 Intake Manifold need help

    Hello all, I’m pretty new to the forum and this is my first post. I have a 2004 3.9 V6 and I swapped the upper intake manifold from a 4.2 onto it. I pretty clearly made a mistake, as my car now thinks it is at 18% throttle position (checked with live feed obd2 reader) when I’m completely off the...
  2. J

    1970 Mustang Mach 1 Intake Manifold Issue

    I'm currently working in the installation of the Shaker Hood Assembly for my 1970 Mustang Mach 1. However, this Mach 1 has a Boss 302 engine in it. The high performance intake manifold currently installed (see pic) sits excessively high. Therefore, the Hood won't close properly. I'm looking for...
  3. D

    Whats the best intake for me?

    Hey guys i have a 91 fox lx and im trying to decide what intake i should run to get the best results. Its a 306 with full forged bottom end aluminum edelbrock heads b303 cam and a whole bunch of other things. I am running an intercooled p600B procharger on the car also. I have no clue the make...
  4. T

    Professional Product Typhoon Intake Manifold

    Hey Guys, I am havin a NIGHTMARE with my f***ing car. I had the manifold break and i didn't want to install another :poo: plastic one so i bought this one. Now i am popping codes P0171 and P0174, lean system. Yes, i know there are sensor possibilities, injector issues, and what not, but before i...
  5. T

    Engine Intake Manifold Upgrade issues

    Hi All, very new to this forum but i have read a lot and i haven't seen anything for my exact issue. about 2 months ago my intake manifold cracked (the heater hose receptacle) I tried to install an OEM part that broke on install.. The threads for the plenum literally pulled out of the manifold...
  6. J

    04 GT New intake manifold and car now has a rough idle

    I'm new here but I have a 04 GT standard trans and my OEM plastic manifold broke at the heater hose fitting so I replaced it with a professional products typhoon intake manifold and I installed it and now the cars idle is very rough. Bouncing between 1200 rpms and 500 rpms. Thought it could be...
  7. M

    Having a Misfire issue after PI intake swap on 96 Mustang V8

    So, I did the intake manifold swap for my car. Went from a crappy Dorman intake for a non PI motor and put on the Ford Racing Performance Intake manifold. It was actually used and off of a 2002 Grand Marquis but same crap right. I now have a misfire. Yesterday she ran like a top! Now...
  8. G

    Cracked Intake Manifold

    Hi Guys, Hoping for some help. Getting ready to get my vehicle approved, roadworthy (safety check) and registered and have a tight time lime to do this. Worst luck ever, removing the old temperature sensor which was in it loosening I here some bubbling and when I remove it I see a...
  9. stangbro916

    1998 Gt Intake Manifold Advice Dorman?

    Hey guys, I have a 98 4.6L. Pretty solid runner with most of the essential bolt on upgrades already done. There is a small leak in the back of the intake manifold which sounds to be common. Unfortunately it leaked down and killed my starter solenoid but that's another story completely. I am...
  10. EDC

    Holley Hi-ram For The 9.5 Deck Ford

    Some may already know but Holley has stepped up and brought out their Hi-Ram series intake manifolds for the Windsor Ford.
  11. 1987lxhatch

    Hey Guys New Lx Upgrade Help

    hi guys I recently acquired an 1987 mustang lx (it is converted to mass air flow) IT has a few mods the bottom end was redone about 10k miles ago it has keith black 10.25 pistons, comp cams cam (not sure wich one)roller rocker, edelbrock performer rpm heads, 70mm throttle body, 24 lbs injectors...
  12. X

    Ported Edlebrock Intake

    Was wondering if anybody is running a ported edlebrock intake. Any noticeable gains? Who ported it? I'm thinking of having mhs port one for me since I'm getting stage 3 heads from them.
  13. T

    Coolant Temp Sensor Stuck In Manifold Please Help

    Hi everyone, i cant get this coolant temp sensor out of my manifold, broke the top of it when i was replacing my intake manifold gasket. it wont turn and i tried everything from a socket(when one fit) to vice grips. and i cant seem to get it to turn. i even heated the surrounding metal and...
  14. J

    Coolant Temperature Sensors Ff5 Roadster

    This is my first post to this Website. I am building a factory five roadster using a 1996 mustang GT donor, 4.6 SOHC engine. I took my rolling chassis for it's first drive around the block this past weekend. That was a thrill. Unfortunately, there are bugs to be worked out. The radiator...
  15. M

    Intake Manifold Part Identification Help!

    Here's the deal I'm doing PI swap and I'm modifying my PI intake to work with all the old hardware. The two sensors in the front were no problem but this brass fitting in the back is the issue. What thread size is it? And what is it even called? I can't find it anywhere. Ignore the arrow in the...