1. C

    Drivetrain Super 8.8 ring and pinion

    It is my understanding that a super 8.8 comes with the following ring gear ratios 3.15, 3.31, 3.55, 3.73 and 4.09. I have been told that all these ring gears are interchangeable with the exception of the 3.15 gear. It seems that gear was used only in an earlier '04 version of the 8.8 irs from...
  2. S

    For Sale 2003 Cobra Redfire Convertible

    2003 Cobra Convertible Redfire Exterior Color Black cloth top Black interior with Gray insert (Alacantara) and leather 68k Miles Price is $21,500 Located in Hoover, AL Built May 27th 2003 and is 3938 of 5082 and about 611 in this combination Original Purchase was at Eckenrod Ford, Cullman AL I...
  3. Calcul0n

    Driveline resistance with 2001 Cobra IRS

    I have a 1993 GT, and I have been going through the steps of an IRS swap over the past several months, and finally drove the car about 1 mile. The problem now is that there seems to be quite a lot of driveline resistance. I have thoroughly cleaned out the diff and have fresh diff oil in there. I...
  4. W

    Need Help With My Fox Body Irs Swap !

    Okay so this is my first post to the forum and I’m not quite sure how to go about my situation. I’m in the middle of swapping a 2003 or 2004 IRS in my 1991 hatch back. The car was a father/son project and my dad has recently passed so I’m kinda stuck. From what I know and have been told by my...
  5. Hoytster

    Expired Mustang Cobra Irs

    Looking for a good condition Mustang Cobra IRS unit to swap into my fox hatch. Would prefer a 2003-2004 unit. Can be 100% stock or fully built. Have cash in hand and willing to make a couple hundred mile trip if necessary. I'm located in SE PA. The complete stock 8.8 axle in my '89 is up for...
  6. Heberto Garcia

    Expired Tokico D-specs (dsp-3)

    Product Description as described on Lightning Motorsports "Tokico’s D-Spec Series adjustable shock is a multi-use product that’s the result of sophisticated piston and valving design. In addition, it utilizes a unique variable-aperture bypass, which is controlled by an adjustable slide valve...
  7. S

    Expired 94 Mustang Cobra With 04 Cobra Irs

    Genuine 1994 Mustang Cobra SVT with 2004 SVT Independent Rear Suspension (IRS). Very rare opportunity to own a Cobra with IRS handling and the well recognized push-rod 5.0. Have a Ford Dealership receipt from previous owner for engine install at 101,613 miles. As is. Asking $7500. San Diego, CA...
  8. 90sickfox

    Build Thread Dusty's...Um...Whatever Thread

    Swapping a 1988 auto notch to an EFI, IRS, 331 stroker, 5 speed. Its not the first time I've done this but all advise will be considered. I'm a broke guy relying on junk yard parts (mostly) and experience.
  9. Bruntic

    Drivetrain Help Choosing An Irs

    I'm going to switch out the live rear axle in my '01 GT for the 03-04 Cobra IRS, but I'm unfamiliar with them and don't really know what to look for to find one in 'good condition' or if that is even a thing. I'm planning on replacing all of the bushings and adding bracing and a crossmember...