1. L

    Water pooling under seats

    I just replaced my 1998 mustangs convertible top a week or so ago. My car smelled as if the rain had gotten in after a big storm so I took out my rear seats and water has pooled underneath them. It looks like instead of dripping into the drainage spot it drips and runs down the side of the frame...
  2. R

    Passenger side leak issues and cowl questions

    Hey guys, so I have had this problem with having a slight leak in the passenger side footwell. It drips down on the plastic closest to the door under the glove box. I took my cowl off (and destroyed it accidentally) to see if I can locate the problem. I tried to look up videos and forums but...
  3. T

    Fuel Barfing Gas at the Track

    So, I took the car to the track for the first time a couple of weekends ago. I quickly learned that, in hard left-handers, the gas cap wasn't up to snuff for holding back the gas slosh. It even managed to do it on a mostly empty tank. I checked afterwards, and my filler neck grommets seem to be...
  4. TheNudeLion

    Sn95.0 convertible hydraulic leak

    So the day starts off fantastic, throwing codes for running lean, have crappy idle, and lots of surging in the engine, along with CEL. I decided to clean the MAF sensor after using the EEC diagnostic today and it absolutely fixed it with amazin results.. so I felt lucky. After this I filled...
  5. G

    Cracked Intake Manifold

    Hi Guys, Hoping for some help. Getting ready to get my vehicle approved, roadworthy (safety check) and registered and have a tight time lime to do this. Worst luck ever, removing the old temperature sensor which was in tight...as it loosening I here some bubbling and when I remove it I see a...
  6. plantmeister

    Leaking Ac Discharge Hose

    hello all, My AC discharge hose has recently begun leaking into my passenger floorboard. I bought a drain snake and went through the tube in the firewall, but there was no debris coming out. It still drips from the drain hose on the firewall, so I thought maybe it was a small blockage. But I...
  7. GoldenEagle91

    Fuel Fuel Line Help

    hello everyone, I've been having recurring fuel leaks back by the tank on my 94. It's a carb swapped 302 with a Holley mighty mite fuel pump. I am using a combo of the stock fuel injection fuel lines and rubber hose to feed fuel to the carb up front. Last night I had a pretty bad leak that...
  8. T

    Rain Leak

    I got a 93 notch (not a convertible) and everytime it rains water comes down both the right and left sides of the firewall and both floor pans end up getting wet. I checked the fire wall wire grommets but still can't figure it out. Any recommendations?
  9. J

    Interior and Upholstery Top Hose/cylinder Leak - Questions

    Hi folks! I have a 2001 Cobra Convertible (bought new) - and have been fighting the hydraulic top leak for .. years. In the last 3-4 years I've replaced both side cylinders, but i'm still getting a leak on the driver side cylinder (previously was leaking on both sides). The leak appears to...
  10. F

    Engine Oil Leak Only When Engine's Cold

    So I recently purchased a 1990 Mustang GT, so far it doesn't leak anything beside a little power steering fluid (or radiator fluid I'm not sure). Anyways it leaks a little bit of oil from where the oil pan meets the bellhousing. The weird part is that it only leaks when the engine is cold, It...
  11. R

    2000 Mustang Power Steering Leak?

    Think i have a powersteering leak... also if it helps the metal line has some play when i move it
  12. G

    Water In Rear Floorboard Behind Drivers Seat

    I seem to have a leak in my 2014 mustang convertible. I am getting water behind the drivers seat after it rains. If I park my car nose down- no water... but once I drive it or car is on flat surface the water starts to leak from somewhere and accumulate in the rear corner of floor closest to...
  13. T

    Progress Thread Rebuilt Motor, S/c, Do My Numbers Make Sense?

    Hi guys! So the car: 04 mustang GT vortech V-2 with a 2.7in pulley Heads: Trickflow 44cc 2v Custom cams Bullet Cams: I can get numbers if it matters Cobra crank and pistons 8 rib serpentine belt Heavy duty A2W intercooler, I do not have heat issues( can go into this if it matters). Fuel twin...
  14. wiseguyk

    Fox Help With Power Steering Pressure Leak

    Hey guys, I have a power steering leak at the rack that I tracked down tonight to the pressure hose fitting. I thought that it would be leaking from the fitting where it meets the rack, but it's actually leaking where the metal hose meets the fitting at the point that allows the fitting to spin...
  15. T

    2001 3.8 Coolant Leak Near Intake

    I have coolant pooled up under my upper intake manifold near my passenger side valve cover. I recently replaced my thermostat and have a coolant sensor that I still need to put in. I can't tell if it's leaking from a cracked manifold or if it's a bad intake gasket. Which is more likely and how...
  16. T

    Ac Coming Out Defrost Vent

    Whenever i turn my air on, it only works coming out of the defrost vent regardless of where it's set. I've read up and found a common source to be a vacuum leak. My mechanic looked at it this morning and said that if it was a vacuum leak he would be able to hear it and the engine would run...

    Fuel 2001 Mustang - Check Gas Cap Light Problem

    (2001 GT AUTOMATIC) So a while back, when driving i noticed my "check gas cap" light came on the dash on the opposite side of where the check engine light is. Well i kinda figured it didnt mean anything as far as a damper to performance. I ignored it but later i decided to buy a new gas cap to...
  18. S

    Water Soaking Passanger Side, Cant Find Answer In Other Posts

    I have a 2006 V6 convertible. I had a ton of water in my passenger side, and through this forum figured out the problem was a clog in the piece behind the windshield, causing water to come out behind the glove box. I cleared it out, and it was fine. Now, a week later, I looked over and both the...
  19. N

    Help Convertible Leak

    98 gt convertible leak. I have finally managed to find it but don't know what to do now. There are 4 small hole tears located in between the 2 layers of material in the bottom left and bottom right corner of the rear window(the holes are on the first layer of material closest to the interior of...
  20. SadbutTrue

    Oil Pressure Sender Issue On Roller 351

    I'm actually a classic owner but the engine is a roller 351/408 stroker, so i figured I'd ask here. I've been having a pretty annoying issue with my oil pressure sender/adaptors. I transitioned from an older style 351w (early 70s), and tried to re-use my old oil pressure setup. Though I'm not...