mustang 2002

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    02 mustang misfire

    I've been having this problem ever since I bought this mustang I changed few stuff, but I still have it. Hopefully you guys can help. I have a mustang 2002 3.8L coupe and it has the weirdest misfires at times. In the morning when the engine is cold It starts perfectly and It has no problems what...
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    Mustang 2002 Idle/ starting the car when the engine is hot problems. ( help )

    Hi! I drive a mustang 2002 v6. I've had these problems for few years now and cant find a way to fix them. The problems occur only when the engine is hot. For instance when I'm stuck in traffic and not moving for few mins RPM starts to drop and hesitate I have to put it on park and hit the gas...
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    2002 mustang v6 wont turn over need help !

    for some strange reason my mustang refuses to turn over while i have an aftermarket radio connected. i disconnect aftermarket radio and it turns over just fine but while it is connected it refuses to turn over. the only way the radio works is if i turn on the car and then connect the radio. I...