mustang gt 1999

  1. fatdaddylines

    New To The Stangnet Family.

    Greetings brothers & sisters of the Mustang. I am Fat Daddy, professional Pistriper/Kustom Kulture Artist and Ford Fanatic! I own a 35th Anniversary Mustang GT. Its the 4.6 V8 with a few add on parts such as FlowMaster exhaust, and H pipe, Accel coil packs, Performance injectors, Cold Air...
  2. J

    Expired 1999 Mustang Gt - 35th Anniversary Limited Edition

    I am selling my 35th Mustang GT as a project car / rebuild. It has been sitting in my garage mostly for about 6 years when I pulled the engine out to rebuild... it had some knocking. I still love the car but life has just gotten in the way and I don't have time to work on it. I'm asking $3k...
  3. M

    4.6 2v Ticking At Idle But Not All The Time

    I have a 4.6 2v that is ticking but not all the time.It started after I put stage 4 cams on my mustang I put new cam gears new timing chain kit,new lifters,valvle springs and retainers It started after the install so I went back and thought it was the alternator bearing so I replaced the...