mustang gt 5.0

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    New to Fox body help needed

    Hey everyone I have a 1989 Mustang GT hatch back 5SPD manual transmission my brother got it for me as a Christmas present this is the first Fox body I’ve ever owned I’ve always wanted one but don’t know much about the mechanics the problem I am trying to figure out is when the car is running...
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    Engine 2012 mustang GT MISFIRE

    So my Mustang is having some issues. The best way to describe it is as follows... So when you are driving the car in a spirited way...(usually a lot) sometimes a check engine light comes on. Sometimes it flashes. When it’s flashing the motor feels luggy, and like 3 cylinders went out. When you...
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    For Sale Mustang GT 5.0 *50,000 Original Miles*

    1991 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 with 48,000 original miles. Three owner car with a clean title. Stock engine with some basic bolt on upgrades (see below). Professional paint job; matching original red color. Dream car for any Foxbody Mustang enthusiast. THIS IS AN EXTREMELY CLEAN CAR. Rarely driven in...