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    Attention 1996 Mystic Owners Past and Present! Need your help

    The Mystic Cobra Owners Association and registry is working hard to collect as much data and information history etc as we approach the 25th Anniversary of the 1996 Mystic Cobra. ( What we are looking for! 1. Any Mystic Cobra Owners who aren’t already listed in our...
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    For Sale For Sale - 1996 Mystic - #1985/2000

    Up for sale is my 1996 Mystic Cobra. It is build #1985 out of 2000. I have all documentation that it is a mystic, including letters from Ford and SVT verifying. I also have the original window sticker as well. (A copy of the window sticker is shown but I have the actual one framed). Location...
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    Questions about seats

    Hi all. First post in a long time. Just bought a 1996 Mystic Cobra after 4 years of not having a Stang. This is my 8th Mustang and i think it might be a keeper. Anyway, one of the things I would like to change are the seats. I'm pretty tall and have always found that the seats in the SN95s...