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    turbo oil/cooling system question

    turbo 408w stroker, around 1200-1400 hp, trying to find help on an oiling/cooling system for my turbo setup. was thinking just an external dry sump system, one pump, and an oil cooler run thru that, but would also like an electric pump for pre-ignition priming. for intercooler, i was looking at...
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    Hello new Mustang owner here

    Am a new owner for a 2003 Mustang cobra it has a modular engine with a supercharger and a cold air intake that extends into the passenger side fender. I am here to educate myself on this engine. I am trying to locate a shop manual online if it is available. My current major issue is with the...
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    1998 Ford Mustang Gt, Oil(mixed with coolant) flowing out of the coolant resivior.

    1998 Ford Mustang GT (startup after 9 years) The engine started right up, and as I watched the engine after it had started, Light brown oil (obviously mixed with coolant) started to flow very quickly out of my resivoir. Also, I found that the oil and coolant mix was found everywhere in the...