1. Blueharry

    04 racing stripes problem...

    So, I am new to this site and new to mustang ownership (three days as i'm typing this). I bought my new to me 04 mustang gt deluxe! Love everything about it. But i figured something wasn't right. Well it turns out after look at a few different things and confirming my 04 mustang gt is actually a...
  2. S

    Making The Shiny Side Shiny Again 98gt

    Hey guys I have a 98 gt with pretty good paint, few chips and scratches but very minor, I was wondering exactly what buffing does. I wanna make it look really pretty but Idk exactly what buffing does and if it will hurt my paint where the chips are.
  3. Nathaniel Donnelly

    South West Best Paint And Body In San Diego?

    Hey all! I'm at the point where I want to disassemble my '67 vert and get all the body and paint done. Since this is a once-in-a-generation job that I want to last for decades, I want it done right. I don't need it to be a trailer queen, but I want a quality job without getting ripped off. So...
  4. Porps

    How Ya Doin??!!!!

    I'm new here, and just got my "65" this weekend!!! Lots of work to do and hope you all don't mind stupid questions! I had a 6 cyl "65" back in the 80's and always wanted a nice finished V-8. I'm gonna need a paint job and lots of advice!
  5. 69shocktower

    Paint and Body Paint Peel N Chip

    Any paint experts with ideas what I can do to stop this from getting worse and keep moisture out? Long term? Until more permanent shop quality fix. Cracked paint peeling away from metal. Dont care what it looks like as long as its sealed for a while.
  6. M

    Need Experienced Input W. 2004 Mustang Purchase

    Hello everyone! I have been trying to educate myself concerning the Mustang models between 1999 and 2004 years that are within my budget and I stumbled across a yellow 2004 Mustang with 2 wide black stripes that I can't seem to find anywhere else. The stripes are on each side of where the hood...
  7. 2012 Mustang

    2012 Mustang

    Painted Interior Pieces
  8. How to paint/dye interior vinyl and plastic parts - Mustang Tech (Fox Body, SN95 & S197)

    How to paint/dye interior vinyl and plastic parts - Mustang Tech (Fox Body, SN95 & S197)

    Buy your Mustang interior paint and dye here When changing your interior color we recommend using the sealer/primer on all hard plastic and metal surfaces...