performance package

  1. FastDriver

    SOLD 2016 Mustang GT PP 48k miles $29.8k OBO

    Located in Beaver Dam, KY 2016 Mustang GT with 48k miles Performance Package. Garage Kept for life. Clean title. 6 speed manual Engine replaced by BF Evans Ford under warranty in 2018 at ~29k miles for the dreaded, yet well-known ticking issue that many others have, and will be hard for you to...
  2. Mcsteveo

    New to mustangs

    Hello new to mustangs, just bought a 17 premium mustang convertible 5.0 with performance package black on black. Didn't see it in person. Have to fly to Virginia and drive it back 8 hrs to upstate NY. Doing all the paper work back and forth thru the the mail.Ordered a catback exhaust and cold...
  3. T

    Buying My First Mustang - Lots Of Questions

    Hello everyone. I will most likely be buying a Mustang Ecoboost within the next 12 months once the negative equity on my current 370Z Nismo is paid down. This is the first time I am considering a Ford product as I usually switch between GM and Nissan products, but am really loving what Ford has...