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    Suspension New Power Steering Rack Options - 1990 GT

    I've had my white beauty for a while now... a 1990 Mustang GT convertible.. she's mainly stock except for the Koni suspensions.. which I installed nearly a decade ago but I feel it needs to be changed. Does anyone know how long do they really last, besides the lifetime guarantee they provide...
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    Suspension V8 power steering rack on 4 cylinder LX

    My power steering rack is puking fluid from the boots. I'm planning on doing a V8 swap but need to be able to get around with the current 2.3 liter for a while. If I replace the current rack with a V8 model will that create other issues? I appreciate any guidance.
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    1998 3.8L Power steering huge issues

    Hi there, thanks for taking the time to read this. I am currently a member on V6Mustangs.com forums, and I am branching out to try and get some answers to what I think is a really strange problem. TL:DR ENTIRE new power steering system (pump, lines, rack&pinion, inner/outer tie rods) and...
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    Question About Rack And Pinion

    Recently had my rack and pinion replaced and I began to get really hard braking almost like I lost 90% of my brakes I have to begin to stop super far In advance to stop the car at the desired location and I also have pretty much no power steering as well is this temporary beings the rack and...
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    Powersteering Rack Upgrade Questions!

    My car is wondering on the road and I have a steering wheel vibration at around 45-60 mph. The steering in general is just terrible. The passenger side wheel when jacked up has about an inch movement left and right. The tie rod end appears to be tight. The steering rack however is moving back...