1. Colb

    Raxiom Smoked projector bulb change

    Hey everybody, I’m looking to change the bulbs in my 2002’s raxiom smoked projector headlights (for obvious reasons). I can change the H7 no problem but I can’t seem to figure out how to access the H1. Is there a way to get into the H1 bulb that I might be missing like a panel that comes off or...
  2. R

    Flash rate for Raxiom sequential plug and play

    I’ve had a Raxiom sequential turn signal kit for a few years on my 2004 Cobra. I installed the V1 flasher. However, they still flash so fast that, unless your looking for it, it’s hard to tell they’re sequencing. I have incandescent bulbs and all the advice I’ve seen are for LEDs, like using an...
  3. P

    Expired 11-14 V6 Mustang Performance Parts

    Location: Austin, TX Price: Multiple Items Hey all! My trusty steed has been put out to pasture :-/ Therefore I'm selling my aftermarket parts (more to come!) I am will to ship (at buyer's cost) and I will accept Paypal +3% fee (unless you're willing to send the money as a gift). Steeda...