1. Mexidankus

    Drivetrain AOD valve body on 4R70W

    Hi guys as the title says I'm trying to build myself a full manual automatic and I was wondering since the electronic bits are pretty much in the valve body and not on the actual case could I simply bolt on an AOD valve body onto my stronger 4R70W?
  2. 8

    What happen to my piston?

    Hey guys little back story. Bought this car off an old man for 1200 bucks. Said he bought it from his wife’s coworker who was hurting for cash. Had for 2 years and was selling the rental house where he had the car parked. So the car had to go. Man said he replaced the carb and battery and it...
  3. 0

    Progress Thread 2003 Ford Mustang GT Build Log

    Hi guys, I just bought my first ever new to me mustang this past weekend. A 2003 Ford Mustang GT with the manual transmission. I drove it home and immediately got to work. Known issues - CEL P0442, P0136, P0141, P0156, P0161 Interior - broken AC fans, door handles, radio turns on but has...
  4. J

    Engine Choice Help

    I am really indecisive and cant choose what motor combo I would like to do in my 03 4.6l. The options with cost estimates are $1000 Supercharger w/ 100k mile motor w/ tune $1700 Supercharged w/100k mile motor w/ forged piston rebuild kit w/ tune $2000 Supercharged w/ old motor that needs head...
  5. L

    Engine 89' Engine rebuild recommendations!

    Looking for recommendations for my rotating assembly for my 89' HO 302. Just got back from the machine shop and it was bored .30 over. i am on a somewhat tight budget but i also dont want to cheap out. Willing to use same crank and i have a E cam that going to go in the car. Its a fairly stock...
  6. C

    2006 4.0 V6 Countershaft (aka. Jackshaft)

    I'm rebuilding my engine and when I got the block back from the shop, they had removed the counter shaft and synchronizer to clean out the block. There is a bearing that sits next to the gear on the counter shaft and one end of the bearing is tapered. Does anyone know if the tapered end should...
  7. I

    Fresh 331 Oil Issue Help

    Hello, I used to have an account here but I havent had a fox for a bit and forgot my password... I really need help, I just finished a 331 stroker on my 88 notch ex georgia police interceptor. When I purchased the car it was a 306 with edelbrock performer intake and heads, 24lb injectors with...
  8. N

    Hello From Los Angeles And A 65 Classic Owner

    Hiya folks and thank you for letting me join all of you. I am the 2nd owner of a 65 mustang 6cylinder 4speed Mustand classic red, Here are a few things I would like some help on, I have a Dagenheim I believe the spelling transmission 4 speed with the 2nd gear slipping when I slow down. I would...
  9. N


    So I'm new to the full on mechanics world, but I'm ready to tackle my first real project. I'm hoping this forum will be a helpful tool for advice and other needed help. I have just recently gotten to the point that I have space to work on my 1970 Fastback. So I am planning on doing a full tear...
  10. A

    Need Help :(

    I recently bought a 04 mach 1 with 38k miles and it ended up having a blown engine. My options are limited to a couple of things. Either attempt to re-build the mach motor , or buy an 03 rebuilt cobra motor without the supercharger. WHAT SHOULD I DO ? The motor was burned out in cylinders 7 & 8...
  11. 885.0h

    Engine Timing Issues

    Hello I have an 88 mustang timing is set at 12 btdc was running good now wont start unless distributor is really advanced, pings at 3k rpm and when retarded starts missing at 3k rpm/ sputters Ive replaced: Distributor, Plugs & wires Ignition coil Put a9l ecu in, when I received the car it had...
  12. Nathaniel Donnelly

    Rebuild C4 Or Replace With C6

    Hello Stangnet! I've noticed the C4 in my '67 vert is starting to take a while to engage when cold. I realize that this may mean a rebuild to replace all the worn junk inside. Not sure of the history of the tranny, but suspect it has never been rebuilt. Right now, I have the numbers-matching...
  13. J

    I Need Advice With My 1970 Mustang Rebuild

    im new to this site and am here seeking help or advice right now im in the process of rebuilding the engine and wanted to know what parts or kits were cheap but effective for the engine rebuild
  14. K

    01 Mustang Gt Rebuild, Is It Worth It?

    I am thinking about buying a 2001 Mustang GT for about $4200, it has 125000 miles with quite a few upgrades (CAI, with tune 75mm throttle body, magnaflow exhaust, new brakes and rotors) all within the last 3000 miles I am thinking about rebuilding the engine, (will cost about $1000 I estimate)...