1. G

    Engine 1986 GtT running eye-burning rich

    My 1986 gt project car is running absurdly rich. I have been through nearly every sensor in the car, have taken everything from the lower intake up off and have reinstalled it with new injectors. It had been sitting for around 15 years before i had it running and it wasn’t running rich when i...
  2. M

    Progress Thread 2014 Automatic idle/accelaration Issues

    Long explanation but really need some advice. My Car started acting up when I sit in idle the car is running lean stays at 15.6 but smells like gas as if it were rich. Car also randomly jumps to 20 in air fuel ratio and the rpms drop and the car sounds like its going to stall out. Does this 4 or...
  3. B

    Need Help. Foxbody Running Pig Rich

    92 fox stock 5.0 with vortech supercharger 8psi, car is tuned 02 sensors bypasses. Car randomly started running rich a/f 8:1. Will run Rough like it has a miss. Then randomly run completely normal. Any ideas?
  4. T

    Stuttering At Wot At 4k Rpms. S/c Motor

    Hi everyone, currently t/s an issue with my 2v. Car specs(short): Built 2v 4.6 Vortech S/C downsized pulley pushing 18 psi Fuel: 2 Ford GT pumps lined to two FPDM supplied by BAP with the wire upgrade. History: Has driven fine for about a year since the finish of the build and tune. Last...
  5. TheJarlofNewEdge

    99-04 Gt, Calling All Mechanical Bug Wizards

    New tadpole in the pond here But I am having some problems, i've thought long and hard about, but i live in the boonies, the mechanical experience is around here but i can't seem to come to a conclusion - had stock gt w/K&N intake - running fine - installed pypes o/r H - tried eliminators...
  6. B

    Fuel Car Runs Unbelievably Rich

    Hey guys! I've been trying to figure out this problem since I bought the car back in June. The car is a 1990 Mustang Gt. Now this is how the problem started, the car had a idle fluctuation. The connector to the MAF had a broken clip so it wouldn't stay plugged in. So I got a new one, replaced it...