1. C

    What's it Worth? In the market for new wheels

    I'm in Toronto Canada and I'm in the market for new wheels for my 2003 GT. I currently have 17' Cobra replicas on the car that are in perfect condition. 17x9 in front and 17x10.5 in the rear. These will be for sale when I find my replacements. I'm looking for 18'x9 and 18'x10. If you have...
  2. elarm1

    What's it Worth? 18" Sn-95 Roush wheels worth

    I got a set that were on my uncles Roush. Beautiful car that he sold without the wheels. One wheel had a crack that lead to a slow leak that I had fixed and all the lips of the wheels polished. I might put them on my fox. What are they worth?
  3. D

    Rims rims rims - '96 GT 5-lug

    Hey all, So I tried posting in the SN95 forum, but that probably wasn't the right spot, lol. So I've got an '88 Fox with '96 GT front spindles (5-lug), calipers, discs. The calipers have the 'bracing bracket' deal that makes clearance an issue on certain rims. I understand from reading around...
  4. L

    Tires and wheels?

    I want to to put as wide of a rim and tire I can on my 1998 Mustang Cobra without making any serious mods to the suspension except I do want to drop it 2”s. I want the car as low as I can and I want the tires to be as wide as I can fit in the wheel wells and not have the rear wheels and tires...
  5. C

    Fox Will these rims work on my 1989 mustang?

    Will these rims work on my car? I have sn95 front spindles and stock rearend with drum brakes and 5 lug conversion. And I will run the 17 inch rims that are 8.5 wide.
  6. N

    Deciding on which rims and tires to buy so there is no gap in the wheel well.

    Hello, I am new to this and I figured you all here would know the best information about this. I have a 2003 Stage 2 Roush and I was curious as to which Saleen Rims I should get and tire size. I noticed Americans muscle has a package that has 18x9 rims and they suggest 275/35-18 tires to go on...
  7. ProjectDemon

    Need negative offset for widebody kit?

    So I’m looking at putting some fender flares on my 2010 gt, and I want my wheels/rims to be flush to the flares (obviously). Any suggestions for rims? I can’t seem to find any that provide a decent enough offset to make sure they sit flush. The kit is 75 mm (3”) flares and right now my wheels...
  8. S

    For Sale Pony Rims (white)

    I have a set of 87 ,white ,16" pony rims for sale. Selling rims only. They do have tires but tires are shot. In decent shape. They do have center caps, couple have small chips in caps but still look good. Can use a good cleaning.$250 obo. Cincinnati,oh 45255.
  9. A

    Wheels-Tires Best Rim And Tire Combo For 2017 V6?

    Hey guys, I’ve begun the start of my research for new wheels and tires for my 2017 v6. Just curious as to what would be the best size and tires for daily driving. Also looking for a combo That will come close or match the original tire diameter. Thank you!
  10. Gabe_02Ruby

    Wheel And Tire Reccomendations

    So recently I've been thinking about getting new rims and tires for my 02 GT vert.(Currently have stock 17x8 bullits) I was originally going to get New bullitt rims quick were 17x9 and 17x10.5 with 275 in the front, 315 in the back. But recently I've started drooling over the 18x9 and 18x10.5...
  11. 5

    Fox Painted Cobras?

    i got some 17' Cobras original silver.. i want them black but i dont want to ruin them.. how would they look plasti dipped black??
  12. S

    SN95 Wheel Help Needed

    New to the forums so sorry in advance if I commit any offenses. So here's my dilemma. My father-in-law (auto-mechanic with his own shop) knows I've been looking for some new rims and wheels for my 1995 GT. Originally it came with the premium 17x8 double 3 spokes. Well, he found a set of 4 Rousch...
  13. Unxpctdhrseply

    Expired 20inch Bronze Rims

    Brand new set of verde bronze rims and tires. Mounted and balanced, never used on a vehicle, sitting in storage. 20x10.5 rear 275/35r20. 20x9 front with 255/35r20 tires. Comes with new lugs. Located in south jersey, asking $1600. Looking for a local buyer, thanks
  14. M


    Is it ok to put 245/45r17s in front and 285/40r18s in the back. It's a 94 cobra, on sportline lowering springs. I had 245/45r17s all the way around before with no rubbing whatsoever.
  15. O

    Wheels-Tires Aftermarket Rims, 18in. For 2016 Mustang

    Hi! I'm a recent proud new owner of a 2016 V6 (pause for V8 jokes...?), which is kind of weird as I was born in Europe and always used to swear by European cars. This is also my first car from any American manufacturer. Here's my issue: I live in MN and I bought some Blizzaks and aftermarket...
  16. B

    SOLD Shelby Gt500 Rims & Tires

    These rims came off my 2007 Shelby GT500 around 2500 miles and have been stored correctly every since. Have upgraded the rear tires to KDW 285/40/18 Rear 255/45/18 Front. There is 4 rims and tires only showing 2 in the picture but all 4 are included in the sale. This is a great upgrade to any...
  17. Amish_Ace

    Expired Foose Enforcer F154 Wheels; 20x9 And 20x10 Staggered Set; Fits 2010-2014 Ford Mustang

    FOR SALE: FOOSE Enforcer F154 Staggered Wheel Set. Price: $600 OBO CIty/State: Roseville, California (it's very close to Sacramento, CA). Description: Link to wheel specs here: http://www.mhtwheels.com/enforcer-f154-w-3821.htm - (2) 20x9 , 5x114.3 Bore Pattern, +35 Offset - (2) 20x10...
  18. Ibudd

    Need Help With Tires

    Alright well I'm new to the mustang world I picked up my first mustang Friday, I purchased a 2001 3.8 it had aftermarket 18" wheels on my way home the rear tire blew sidewall tore up so now I'm thinking of replacing all tires the front tires are 245/40/r18 and the rear are 275/35/r18 I like the...
  19. J

    Expired Jongbloed Wheels

    Asking $1500 obo for a set of like new Jongbloed 700 series wheels. 18x10 et42. 5x4.5" pattern. These were spares These had BFGoodrich Comp R1 tires mounted. These are a dot slick tire. They are no longer on the wheels, but are for sale separately. $900 obo for the tires. 0 heat cycles, 0...
  20. M

    Expired 18'' Staggered Black Wheels With Polished Lip Deep Dish

    i have these beautiful 18'' staggered wheels that i originally had on my black 98 mustang gt. I just bought an 06 gt and they don't really fit or match the color. these will fit 94-04 perfectly with the speedometer correct and everything, I bought them from oe wheels.net and they were $1200...