1. MLB

    Lots of sensor errors

    Hi folks, I had an 06 Mustang V6 for a bunch of years, and in May, found myself the 09 GT I'd been longing for. 31k miles, everything works perfectly. Terrific car. Today is the first issue though: I got about a couple hundred yards down the road and the low oil pressure warning goes off...
  2. sac95gf

    95 gt abs sensor compatibility

    I have a 95 gt and the abs sensor came on yesterday. i ran the codes and its 33 so i need to replace the front left abs speed sensor. i have been looking all morning and can not find any motorcraft ones for 95, only 97 and up. anyone know if a Motorcraft BRAB65 is compatible for a 95? and if not...
  3. beyondEOD

    Fuel Pressure Sensor with Megasquirt

    Anyone running an electronic fuel pressure sensor with your megasquirt. I'm looking to add on on my 95. What is your setup?
  4. T

    Coolant Temp Sensor Stuck In Manifold Please Help

    Hi everyone, i cant get this coolant temp sensor out of my manifold, broke the top of it when i was replacing my intake manifold gasket. it wont turn and i tried everything from a socket(when one fit) to vice grips. and i cant seem to get it to turn. i even heated the surrounding metal and...
  5. Dillon Terry

    Electrical 2000 Mustang Gt Speedometer Issue!

    How's it going boys, this is my first post on stangforum, but I've been on for weeks reading other posts and searching and so far I didn't find anyone solving this problem. 2000 GT Mustang with a 5 speed manual. When I accelerate down the road the speedometer doesn't start working until I'm...