1. CHILL347

    Suspension Strange 10 way adjustable rear shocks?

    Hey everyone. A good deal has come up on a brand new set of Strange 10 way adjustable rear shocks that were only installed for mock up. Thinking about picking them up. All I have right now is cheap Monroe shocks. I drive on the street mostly but the odd time throw my slicks on and go beat on it...
  2. 868

    SOLD SVE Mustang Coilover Kit 79-93

    SVE Mustang Coilover Kit 79-93 Installed last summer and have less than 500 miles. They are in like new condition with no defects and normal installation marks. Only selling because I want a different ride than coilovers can provide. *NOTE: You will need caster camber plates with spacers to...
  3. S

    Expired New 11-14 Gt Struts & Shocks

    2011 - 2014 OEM Ford Mustang GT 2 OEM Front Struts Bought them a while back decided to get koni strt. My loss your gain. Sold as is $50 local pick up Las Vegas,NV I also have front and rear struts and shocks with 38k they felt great I upgraded. Best offer get it.
  4. FrankenStang88

    Suspension Messed Up Front End

    Ok so i have an 88 gt hatchback and on the front end you can see about a 2-3" difference in the height of the front bumper (drivers side being the higher one). Ive looked on sites at suspension kits, i bought a new rack just incase it was bent. My only problem is limited money and the fact that...
  5. J

    Wheels-Tires Widest Tire You Can Fit By Flipping Your Quad Shocks?

    I got a 95 Mustang yesterday, I want to buy new rims and I found a good deal on some 17x10.5 rims and I read on the website that you may have to flip or remove your quad shocks to fit. I have seen on other forums that people have flipped their quad shocks for clearance for a 275 tire and the...
  6. Mustang Lowering Springs Install - SVE Springs & Caster Camber Plates (79-04)

    Mustang Lowering Springs Install - SVE Springs & Caster Camber Plates (79-04)

    Need more information on how to lower your Mustang? Click here: Adding a set of lowering springs to any Mustang is a must! Not only do you get the benefits of better handling but you also get rid of that 4x4...