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  1. 95 mustang gt 5.0

    1994 Cobra Fuel Pump constantly priming/ running.

    Hey guys okay so I have a 1994 cobra 5.0 with a on3 turbo kit. I recently took out the engine rebuilt it all, took out the main engine harness and fuel injector harness. Put it all back in and now when I connect the battery terminals, as soon as I connect the positive, the fuel pump immediately...
  2. M

    New Edge Foxbody?

    Hello All, I have a 99 GT that has been through it’s paces. Love the car, strong 70k junkyard motor on 202k chassis. I have recently found an 82 3.3L i6 (C4?) auto trans fox. I’m still getting familiar with the platform, but I want it to be a reliable car that could take me across California or...