1. I

    97 Gt To 01 Cobra Swap

    Hello. I have a 97 Gt and I plan on doing a 01 Cobra swap. What do i need to make this work Thanks an advance
  2. E

    Sn95.0 Wiring Harness Help

    Hey there, as you can tell I'm new to here. I wont bother you with telling you about me, lets get down to the nitty gritty. i have a 1992 BMW 325I sedan, i also have a 1995 SN95.0, with 32k original :) e36 chassis + sn95 5.0 you see where im getting with this? good. Engine is installed...
  3. RaggedGT

    Let's Play A Game(failed Miserably In The Ot Section.)

    I originally posted this in the Squeaky Wheel. At the suggestion of @74stang2togo i posted it in the OT are under its own thread.... And it Bombed-lol- But I still think it would be kinda fun to see where people take this.. And if it fails here,then I'll leave it on Facebook where I found it :-)...
  4. S

    Stroker Build Questions

    I am about to build a 331 stroker to put in my 1995 GT. I have looked at threads on multiple forums but cannot find the answers I am looking for so any help would be great, thanks. (Carbureted, A/C Delete, No smog) 1) what water pump should I use? Do I need a High Volume water pump or will a...
  5. 9

    Brakes Sti Brembo On A Fox

    Alright so i've been able to find myself a nice set of STI brembo's, now i know that there is an old forum already on this topic but i was wondering if anyone had anymore information regarding this topic. like what would i do with the rear e brake cable? i already an full sn95 5 lug swap and i...
  6. Seagan

    Pdf. Manual For 98-04?

    Trying to find out if theres anyone who has come across a downloadable or even just a viewable pdf. manual. been dumping money in and have to fix it again with limited funds, any help would be greatly appreciated. For those curious, check engine code p1518 IMRC actuator control malfunction, door...
  7. A

    Need Help :(

    I recently bought a 04 mach 1 with 38k miles and it ended up having a blown engine. My options are limited to a couple of things. Either attempt to re-build the mach motor , or buy an 03 rebuilt cobra motor without the supercharger. WHAT SHOULD I DO ? The motor was burned out in cylinders 7 & 8...
  8. T

    2001 3.8 Coolant Leak Near Intake

    I have coolant pooled up under my upper intake manifold near my passenger side valve cover. I recently replaced my thermostat and have a coolant sensor that I still need to put in. I can't tell if it's leaking from a cracked manifold or if it's a bad intake gasket. Which is more likely and how...
  9. Alex Bearden

    How Much Power??

    Hey guys, this is my first thread here, I have a 1994 GT with a 302 bored to a 308, I was wondering how much power I would be making after the following mods that have been done.... Trick flow top end kit, flow master exhaust with original 40 mufflers, BBK longtubes, BBK 70mm throttle body...
  10. S

    Paint and Body Convertible Top Insert?

    Hi guys, new to the forums. Ive been looking for a part that im not sure exists. Im really tired of the ribcage look my convertible top has and im wondering if they make an insert to smooth it out. Any links to this part are more than welcome. Thanks!
  11. S

    My New Sn95

    Hey guys I'm getting a 2001 mustang gt premium for my first car tomorrow and have big plans for it. Borla stingers, BBK catted xpipe, BBK Long tubes, BBK 83mm throttle body and plenum, CAI, any recommended brands on CAI? And what does the premium mean?
  12. RaggedGT

    Favorite Movie/tv Cars/cars In General

    MadMike had a thread going asking what One car would you want if money etc was no object.. And he called me out on posting the Cars of the movie "Bullit" lol So I'm stealing his thread topic(kinda) and asking. What's your favorite Movie/Tv cars or just cars in general?
  13. El_Trippy_Boricua

    Remote Lock

    Hey guys maybe you guys can help me out so my remote on my 1997 mustang doesn't have range i have to be right next to the receiver to lock or unlock second I have 2 remotes only one of them programs but I looked in the back of them and they both say transmitter 1 could that be why?
  14. S

    SN95 Exhaust (mild Mods) Questions And Opinions

    I recently bought a 1995 5.0 5 speed stang. I will be swapping the h/c/I and a few other bolt ons. I bought bbk shortys and have an x pipe. I bought exhaust cutouts but accidentally got 3 inch instead of 2.5. Would 3 inch sound good? Or would I lose performance with that big of piping? Also what...
  15. My White sn95 with black leather interior with 5 speed manual transmission

    My White sn95 with black leather interior with 5 speed manual transmission

    The leather needs some work
  16. My White sn95 with black leather interior with 5 speed manual transmission

    My White sn95 with black leather interior with 5 speed manual transmission

    Has a few dings on the body
  17. R

    Drivetrain Swapping Input Shafts On T5

    I have a T5 out of a 2000 v6 that I am trying to modify for use in a '93. I ordered the '93 input shaft and it came with the bearing on it, but no outer race. When I pulled the longer original 2000 input shaft out, the bearing was much smaller on it, and the retainer and race from the old shaft...
  18. Myred95stang

    Sn95 Engine Bay Measurements

    Hello everyone; I'm in need of some help! I crashed my 95 very Stang and I'm trying to fix it myself along with some friends help. What I need is the dimensions for the engine bay for collision repair. I'm trying to realign hood and front fenders. I have collision repair hydraulic kit that I...
  19. A

    SOLD ’94 5.0 Mustang Gt Street / Track Car, Sunset Orange; Asking $16,000

    asking $7,500 Dallas, Texas licensed for the street set up for the track/ready to race Complete engine rebuild last September; less than 100 miles since rebuild and NO track time. Installed Mahle forged steel pistons, new rod main bearings, oil pump, timing chain and gears, water pump...
  20. jon_95GT

    SN95 Trouble Starting Out Of No Where

    Hey guys, ok so over the last 2 days i did both ball joints swapped them for the steeda x2s. this morning i started my car and took it for a drive to see how it felt, well i noticed on my test ride my oil temp was all the way to H and my battery wasnt charging. I got to the store cause i needed...