1. Cammandobrando

    97 cobra magnaflow street series

    Hey guys looking into exhaust for my 97 cobra , has long tube headers and no cats, wondering if anyone on here has a similar set up and can tell me how it sounds , before i spend the money on a stainless exhaust i am not happy with , any help would be great !
  2. R

    roush super charger from 2014 mustang gt to 2016?

    High guys. I'm new here but I've been looking for an answer to this every where and haven't found my answer. I have access to a wrecked 2014 mustang gt with a Roush supercharger on it and I'm wondering if it would be a direct bolt on to my 2016, but just the supercharger setup not the...
  3. A

    I'm trying to bend the rules of CARB laws. Please help me with your knowledge and wisdom

    Hi everyone I'm 17 and recently bought myself a 2006 mustang gt as my graduation present to myself. Any who I've been looking at power mods for my mustang and stumbled across Department of Boost and I was blown away with the price and raving reviews of the product. One problem though, I live in...
  4. D

    Roush pulley options?

    Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong section (newbie at Stangnet) I just purchased an '01 stage 3 roush about a month ago and the lower blower pulley/pins are trashed. I called roush and they told me that the pulley I need is discontinued and they can't make one. They emailed blueprints to have the...
  5. J

    Will 3.73 be fine with Procharger?

    Hello everyone, new to the forum here so hopefully I'm posting in the right spot. I have a 2008 v6 automatic and I'm going to be installing the procharger stage ii kit soon. I just bought an lsd since the open dif is disappointing and that's before the added power. I was considering adding gears...
  6. Christian Cornwell

    Supercharged 1994 3.8

    So i recently went out and picked up a Vortech Supercharger for my 94 v6 and had some questions i thought someone may have some knowledge about but first some overview of the car. So i got the car about a year ago at this point as basically a fill in car that would look cool till i could get...
  7. Bigjake87

    Expired 95 Vortech Supercharged Cobra Convertible 59,000 Miles $10,000

    I have a very clean 95 cobra for sale. It runs and drives like new. I hate to get rid of it, but the mini van is calling if you know what I mean. The car has a vortech supercharger and magnaflow exhaust. It sounds very good going down the road. I am near grove city, ohio. Message me if you're...