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  1. opihinalu

    Bilsteins for an 86 GT?

    I'm looking for parts to do a full suspension rebuild and I've seen a lot of posts praising Bilsteins for having very good quality, however they only advertise them for 1987-1993 mustangs. Do these not fit on an 1986? Did the suspension change from 1986 to 1987?
  2. opihinalu

    Suspension rebuild parts recommendations for a street car?

    I am planning on doing a rear and front suspension rebuild on my 1986 GT. The suspension is SUPER stiff, I mean going over speed bumps I have to pretty much come to a stop because any other speed would be uncomfortable. The rear squeaks and thumps quite a bit and I am pretty sure my upper...
  3. C

    New suspension, what to buy?

    Hey guys! First post. I just bought a 2000 GT. It needs new shocks and struts. I found someone selling stock shocks, struts, springs , lower arms. they were take out of a 2001 GT at 2000 miles. I don’t want to lower the car and don’t need anything special. Should I buy these or some other...