1. U

    1999-2004 7.5 Rear End In 1994-1998 V6

    Hello all, I am new to this site but I was just wanting some help with a little project I am looking into. I have a 2002 3.8 donor car that I did the split port swap with on my 1996 5 speed 3.8 Right now I am awaiting a tuner for the car but all that aside this is regarding the rear end. Turns...
  2. B

    Drivetrain Proper Driveshaft Length For 03-04 Cobra T56 Transmission/shop Advice

    Hello, I've been researching the T56 swap I'm piecing together for my auto 5.0 '92 and have been unable to get a clear answer on this. What is the proper length driveshaft to use for an 03-04 Cobra T56? I've narrowed it down to shortening a foxbody-spec driveshaft by 1.5 or 2". Does anybody...
  3. R

    94 Vert Gt Cobra Engine Plus Manual Swas Help

    What's up stang net peeps?! since the last time I posted here on stang net I've collected two more mustangs. a 94 V6 with an unfinished cobra engine and t5 swap that I have since pulled out and as of today dropped into a 94 mustang gt convertible with an auto trans. I pulled the Cobra out...
  4. jw3st0n

    Hello Everyone! (i Need Help)

    Hi, my name is Justin. I own a 2002 Sonic Blue New Edge Mustang GT. This is my third Stang. I've had it since July of last year. I need help with a PCM swap, But I'll start a different thread for that. If that's ok.
  5. M

    Expired 2014 F150 Coyote Engine

    I bought this engine from a friend who totaled their 2014 F150 with 15,000 miles. Truck was rear ended. Was going to use for my 1967 mustang coupe. I am realizing how expensive the swap is going to be so thinking about selling. Motor is almost brand new and has everything except throttle body...
  6. Devin7344

    Fox 3.8 Essex Into Fox Body

    Hey everybody I just joined the forum and this is my first post. (Sorry if it's in the wrong place) I've been wanting to get a fox body for a while but don't really have the money for a nice 5.0. However, I see rollers for about $500 on Craigslist which is more in my budget. Now I have an old...
  7. StarvinMarvin

    1990 Vacuum Help

    I am having trouble figuring out my vacuum lines. I am working on a 1993 4cyl that I am swapping a 1990 v8 in to. I have no egr/smog pump/charcoal canister. Need to know which vac lines I can cap/delete and where the rest go. The attached IMG is what I'm having the biggest problem finding a...
  8. StarvinMarvin

    Electrical V8 Swap Wiring Questions.. Help

    Swapping a 90 v8 into a 93 4cyl shell. I have the v8 harness from the 90 and I need to know if /where/how have to wire in a fuel pump relay and if I have to mess with the maf. I am doing a 3g alternator conversion and using the stock 4cyl headlight/alt harness and extending it. Also what...
  9. N

    2014 Radiator Needs Swapping

    The bumper, got bashed, the radiator got a taste also and spilled fluid all over the place. I ran into a big ol chunk of ice. I'm a young guy so I initially (and still kinda) didn't want to use insurance because my rates are already high. I saw this thread Aluminum radiator install Write-Up...
  10. MVG•GT93

    Built Summit Motor And Trans From 94 Cobra Swapped Into Foxbody

    I've got a built motor from summit and a rebuilt stock trans from a 94 cobra I'm taking out and putting in my 93 Foxbody gt. What are some things I'm gonna need to look out for? Is it as easy as drop in and go or do I need a couple things? Any pointers etc would be much appreciated.
  11. O

    Fmx 164 To 157

    Hello, I had a 351M with a big bellhousing FMX Swapped the thing for a 302 so now i know i need a small bellhousing but jot sure in what flexplate and also which starter. I have both starters. The one from a t5-302 and the one from the 351m-fmx. Also the block is 71 so not sure if need...
  12. B

    351w Fox Budget Build

    Hey guys I recently converted a 2.3 to a 351w and have a couple questions about my build. First off I don't know what kind of hp I'd be expecting. It's has the stock stroke, ported heads with 1.94 valves, .504/.504 296/296 camshaft, and air gap intake. Also I'd need to know if I'd need a 650 or...
  13. FiveOhSwap98

    Planning On Doing A 4.6, Or 5.0 Swap! Need Tips :)

    Hey y'all! I'm new to this forum, so bare with me. I recently bought a 98' Mustang V6, and it's head gasket blew. I was driving around the block, and the temperature gauge went to the red line. When I got home to my backyard, I popped the hood and there was a bunch of coolant that had been...
  14. Built to Cruise Coyote Mustang 5.0 Swap

    Built to Cruise Coyote Mustang 5.0 Swap

    It's been hell week at the StangNet shop and MANY hours spent on this painstaking 2011 Fox 5.0 swap project...better known as Built to Cruise. So what do we have in store? How about the inaugural crank-start, woot! http://www.stangnet.com