t5 rebuild

  1. 93CalypsoConvert

    T5 Main Shaft Repair

    Hello. Tore apart my transmission and found some concerning things. Here is my 1-2 slider (be ware) This is one of the most chewed up sliders I've seen. I don't even know how this got this way... Synchro was fine. Probably because previous owner beat the hell out of it. Other side (1st gear)...
  2. W

    T5 rebuild - need help identifying parts

    Hey guys. I need some help. We just pulled the transmission out today and opened it up. I found this broken part with the lottle flange broke off and down on the magnet along with this thin round bar. At first I thought it was a piece of bearing or a push pin but I cant figure out what it is...
  3. G

    New Wisconsin Fox Owner

    Hey everyone - new guy here. I just picked up a 1990 LX 5.0 over the weekend. It's had a few mods over the years, some of which I know and some of which I'm sure I'll find as I dig deeper into it. I'm sure I'll be spending a lot of time on this forum throughout the course of this project...