t56 trans

  1. A

    WTB/Trade T56 swap for 89 gt

    Looking for a t56 swap for my 89 mustang gt, flywheel, clutch trans everything, let me know what you have!
  2. ProjectDemon

    2010 gt tremec t56 magnum xl install

    Hey I just installed the tremec t56 magnum xl in my s197 and the shifter is rubbing on the bottom of the center console. Have any of you had that problem and how did you fix it? It only happens when I go into first and second. I’m trying to avoid cutting the plastic but whatever I guess. Just...
  3. ProjectDemon

    T56 magnum xl swap

    Hey So I swapped the old 5-speed for the 6-speed t56 magnum xl and my reverse lights no longer work. Obviously I don’t have a connection for it or something. What are the 4 connections on this transmission? I understand that there’s the speedo, RLO, and basically that’s all I know right now.
  4. B

    Drivetrain Proper Driveshaft Length For 03-04 Cobra T56 Transmission/shop Advice

    Hello, I've been researching the T56 swap I'm piecing together for my auto 5.0 '92 and have been unable to get a clear answer on this. What is the proper length driveshaft to use for an 03-04 Cobra T56? I've narrowed it down to shortening a foxbody-spec driveshaft by 1.5 or 2". Does anybody...
  5. M

    SOLD 4.6 L & T56 Trans 7,200 Miles

    I have a Tremor T56 trans with bell housing, clutch, trans mount, with all factory wiring and an alluminum drive shaft. I also have it's other half, a 4.6 L V8. Both came out of a 2002 Mustang GT that met an untimlely death with only 7,200 miles on it. Yes that is 7,200 NOT 72k! Both are in...