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    96-98 flywheel

    i am currently putting a replacement motor in my 99 mustang i bought a 99 f150 motor with a 6 bolt crank and know i need to get a new flywheel. My question is will a 96-98 6 bolt flywheel fit the 99 f150 6 bolt crank. And will the 99 mustang 10.5 inch clutch fit the 96-98 flywheel
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    Welp, One Of My Spark Plugs Hole Is Stripped.anybody Had A Similar Situation That Could Help?

    So the cylinder 6 on my 07 mustang gt had a misfire. Went to midas to have it checked out. Turns out, the only thing holding the spark plug is the coil. Was given two options: 1. try to fix hole with a helicoil (cost: $400/was told there is a 50% chance it will not work.) 2. go ahead and replace...
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    Antenna Base Threads

    Hello everyone I'm brand new to this forum so please be gentle. I just purchased a 2005 Mustang GT, it has an antenna base attached to the passenger side front fender. There is no threads in this base to install an antenna? I saw a post from a couple of years ago from Tony Statis and Mehall...
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    Whistling/ Kettle Noise

    So I picked up a mustang a week ago and on the test drive it wasn't making any noise. The car drove fine and I didn't notice any problems. Starting today however, the car has been making a very high pitched whistling noise and I can't even figure out if it is coming from the back or the front. I...