1. H

    2003 mustang v6 tick on start ups.

    I recently got a 2003 mustang v6 convertible. I noticed that when I started her up the next morning, a tick sound would appear and it would dissipate after 15-20 seconds. If i leave the car off for an hour, then start it up, the same thing happens. Tick for 20 seconds, then goes away. Ive looked...
  2. MealeyGT12

    Engine Dreaded Coyote Tick Fixed!!!

    Hey everyone, So as you can probably guess from my title I had one of the dreaded coyote ticks in my '12 GT . I had opened up my driver's side valve cover half a dozen times and even replaced some of the lifters but to no avail. Before we begin on the repair that eventually fixed it let me...
  3. W

    Bad Lash Adjuster?

    My 98 Gt has a ticking noise when I first start it up, it comes and goes untill it's warmed up. It has been PI swapped. Does this seem like a possible lash adjuster problem or what? Video: View: https://youtu.be/dw1fjSqiBqU Listen how it stops towards the end.
  4. T

    Engine Engine Ticking :(

    Okay so my motor just started ticking a couple of weeks ago. my car randomly misfires and it kinda sounds like a lifter.. could a lifter cause the misfire? View: https://youtu.be/hosxpSF8eJc