torque converter

  1. G

    Question!! potential damage to flexplate/crank during 4R70W swap

    A buddy of mine and I are dropping the 4R70W trans on his auto 02 Mustang GT. We got the exhaust, starter, drive shaft, and bell housing bolts off no problem, but we made a big screw up and we didn't remove the torque converter bolts mating up to the flex plate. We started to drop the trans...
  2. C

    2000 Mustang - Which torque converter do I need? (Still learning)

    Hello all! I have a really worn down 2000 ford mustang that I have little choice but to repair at this point. I have a friend that will help me out with a junkyard transmission job (because I'm too afraid to royally mess something up myself and this is my only vehicle so it needs to run or I'm...
  3. Nathaniel Donnelly

    Tranny Or Torque Converter?

    Hi all! '67 convertible with 289 I've had a chronic issue with either my transmission (C-4) or torque converter. Everything works just fine when cold or during light use. However, if I'm accelerating up a long hill when warm, I sometimes get a "FFFFT, FFFFT!" sound accompanied by a slipping...