1. Hudson N

    Auto trans not engaging after braking

    I've got a automatic 2004 gt, the transmission shifts fine, not particularly smooth, but acceptable. After braking hard without stopping like entering a corner, the transmission let's go like it's in neutral and wont re-engage for a second or two, it will just rev up freely and then snap back...
  2. Blacktrim2018

    2018 mustang 10 speed failure

    Has anyone else had a problem with there 10 speed transmission? Mine went out at 4000 miles and it’s been at the dealership for two weeks. Was wondering if it was a freak accident or if there’s more cases out there
  3. D

    Transmission And Drivtrain Help!!

    I'm having problems with my 2002 T-5 transmission and was wondering if I should pull it out and rebuild it or just buy a T-45 and build that?:bang: